10 Fun Hobbies for Couples

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Skip the Netflix binges and Facebook scrolling for these fun hobbies for couples. It’s a proven fact that couples who routinely enjoy doing things together grow closer in their relationship with one another. Keep reading for our top ten fun hobbies for couples.

10 Fun Hobbies for Couples

10 Fun Hobbies for Couples

The hobby suggestions below are sure to inspire you to spend more quality time with your spouse. They also touch base with each love language so have fun exploring your spouse in the meantime!

Walk around your neighborhood.

You don’t have to go far to enjoy some alone time with your spouse. Sometimes taking a simple walk around your neighborhood is the perfect way to grab a few moments to relax, and have a good chat, all while getting a little workout in.

Go beachcombing.

If you live near a beach like we do, then consider going beachcombing. We love finding things on the beach and you never know what you may come across. 

Tickle your tastebuds by going restaurant touring.

Are there restaurants in your town that you haven’t tried yet? Make a list, pick a day, and hit them up. One unique idea is to visit one place for an appetizer, another for the main course, and another one for dessert.

Play your favorite games.

Games aren’t just for kids. In fact, there are lots of card games, board games, and the like that are made specifically for adults and married couples. Here are a few to check out:

Read a book together.

Bookclub for two, anyone? Whether you choose a bible study or a book to enhance your marriage, reading a book together can bring you closer together in more ways than one. First, pick a book you both agree to read, then choose set days and times to sit down and discuss what was read between meeting times.

Cook a meal together.

If you’re like most busy families, the cooking is usually done by one spouse or takeout cooks. Start a habit of cooking at least one meal per week together. This will be a hobby you’ll both enjoy.

Learn a new language together.

Have you and/or your spouse ever wanted to learn a new language? This would be the perfect hobby to start together. With the plethora of free online language learning resources and educational YouTube videos, this hobby will be virtually free!

Work on a house project together.

Trade in the honey-do list for a together-do list. Work on something around the home together and not only will you get it done faster, but you’ll also learn more about one another in the meantime.

Take a class or course together.

This can be anything from painting or dancing to working out. The idea is to sign up for something you both will enjoy and make it a priority to support one another along the way.

Start a garden together.

There’s nothing like growing your own food, but when you and your spouse are both involved, it can make for a garden of love and vegetables. And don’t worry about trying to do something huge. Start small with a few herbs and easy-to-grow vegetables.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of fun hobbies for couples to enjoy together. Use our suggestions above to begin planning out a few hobbies for you and your spouse. Keep in mind that doing things together is the perfect opportunity to learn more about your husband (or wife). Use the time together to grow intimately closer.

Which hobby are you most excited about trying? Are there any you’d add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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