25 Cheap Date Night Ideas

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Looking for cheap date night ideas? You’ve come to the right place! If you’re like us, date night is something that we look forward to. We don’t look forward, however, to the hefty bills that often go along with it. With kids’ lessons, school expenses, etc., we don’t want to break the bank for a nice night out. Cheap date night ideas have become our forte.

Looking for some cheap date night ideas? Here are 25 ideas that won't break the bank!

Date night doesn’t mean that we have to enjoy gourmet dinners and a night at the theater to show each other that we care. It means spending quality time together and enjoying one another’s company. Next time you plan date night, think about trying one of these cheap date night ideas.

25 Cheap Date Night Ideas

1. Have a picnic dinner at a park
It can be as fancy or as casual as you like…steak and candlelight, or a simple sandwich from a nearby shop.

2. Walk around a local festival
Find a festival online and make it your destination. The sights and sounds will make for a fun evening!

3. Rent a canoe or paddleboat
Nothing is more calming than being out on the water. Renting a small boat is a serene way for you to enjoy each other’s company.

4. Go for a walk under the stars
One of our favorites! All you need is a place with little lighting and a clear night. We have this great book called “100 Things to See in the Night Sky” that we’ve used time and time again and we cherish finding these things in God’s creation – together.

5. Do a night time program at a forest preserve
Forest preserves often have programs for observing nocturnal animals. It’s a fun, outdoorsy way to have a new experience.

6. Walk the beach, dipping your toes in the water
Nothing is more romantic! Take off your shoes and go for a walk. You may want to plan for a picnic on the beach, while you’re there.

7. Drive somewhere you’ve never been and explore
Hop in the car and get lost together (with the help of your GPS.) Who knows what you’ll find?

8. Go to an old fashioned ice cream parlor
Feel as though you’ve traveled back in time and enjoy an old fashioned treat.

9. Head to a zoo (many are free!)
Watch the zebras or listen to the tigers roar as you explore a zoo together.

10. Window shop at the mall (or a downtown area)
Window shopping can be a mindless activity as you walk, hand in hand, and visit with each other.

11. Go to a fancy restaurant and share an appetizer
No one said that you have to have a four-course meal. If you want to go fancy, sharing an appetizer is a lower-cost way to get the ambiance without the cost.

12. Go to a drive-in movie (and take your own dinner)
This is another one that will take you back in time. A drive-in puts you in the privacy of your own car and is often less expensive than a more formal theater.

13. Go to the local pool’s night swim
Enjoy swimming together (in the adult pool!) by taking advantage of your local pool’s night hours.

14. Find outdoor music and stop to listen
Plenty of communities offer outdoor music, during festivals or throughout the summer months. Find a favorite and make that your destination for the evening.

15. Go miniature golfing
Pretend that you’re kids again! Playing together is good for the heart.

16. Go hiking together
We love to be out in nature, enjoying time together. Hiking adds natural beauty to our evening.

17. Find a place to watch the sunset
At the end of the day, is there anything nicer than a vibrant sunset? Sit back on a beach (or in the car) and watch the sun set together.

18. Recreate your first date (or part of it)
We love to relive our first date. Heading to where we began is another way to keep our romance going.

19. Watch a local high school football, baseball, etc. game
It’s much less expensive than a pro game…and you know more about the players.

20. See whatever is playing at the lower-cost theater
Many last-run theaters offer movies at a fraction of the cost. You may have forgotten about the newish movies that are showing, but perhaps you’ll find a new favorite.

21. Take a driving tour of places you’ve lived and talk about how far you’ve come together
Again, reliving your past is a great way to reflect on your relationship.

22. Volunteer together at a shelter
Volunteering together is a way to connect on a whole new level while benefiting someone else.

23. Take part in a church family activity
Church bonfires, hayrides, etc. can be a great place to go together.

24. Go to a 24-hour diner and reconnect over coffee
This low-cost date is one that can go on forever and gives you time to simply enjoy one another.

25. Walk around a home improvement store and build your dream house together
Talk about what you imagine for your home and talk about favorite décor items that you see.

We have found many creative ways to enjoy our life together without the expense of a night out. Remember, as you’re planning your night away, that the focus should be on each other and your quality time, rather than on how elegant you can make the evening.

When planning your next date night, think about some of these ideas that may work for you. Do you have other cheap date night ideas? Please share how you and your partner keep the spark burning!

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