7 Fun Ways to Ring in the New Year with Your Spouse

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It’s amazing how quickly time flies. Just as soon as each New Year begins, it seems as if it’s time to start celebrating another! Looking for new ways to celebrate this year? Make it a New Year’s Eve to remember with these 7 fun ways to ring in the New Year with your Spouse.

Come see these 7 fun ways to celebrate the new year with your spouse!

7 Fun Ways to Ring in the New Year with Your Spouse

Keep it Local

Looking for a fun way to spend the evening without the glitz and glamour of a prepackaged party? Then head to a nearby restaurant or hotel for a local spin on ringing in the new year. An added bonus to staying close to home is that you don’t have to drive far after the clock has struck twelve.

Make it Low-Key

If you’re not much for joining the New Year’s festivities, try an evening at home with your spouse and a few friends. Have everyone bring an appetizer or entrée to share and celebrate in the comfort of your own home with your favorite music and movies. Staying home can be a cozy (but yet fun) way to celebrate, plus you don’t have to drive home afterward and it’s lighter on the budget.

Go All Out

There is something to be said for joining the excitement of parties hosted by area hotels and clubs. The fireworks and confetti can help make for an evening to remember! Get dressed-up and spend a night out on the town ringing in the New Year with the one that you love. You’ll want to plan ahead so that your tickets are purchased and sitter is secured well before the end of 2015 so that your glamorous night is all you hoped it would be.

Party Like it’s 1999

Host a party with a blast from the past theme. Give each guest his or her own year to recreate. Keep with the theme with music and foods popular in the years that your guests are dressing for. Give awards for best dressed, most creative, etc. Your party is sure to be fun with poodle skirts, tight-rolled jeans and more!

ringing in the new year with your spouse

Game Night!

Whether just you and your spouse or among friends, breaking out the board games is a great way to ring in the New Year! Add a glass (or two) of champagne and you will be in for a fun start to the new year.

International New Years

Start the celebration early and ring in the New Year with different locations around the world. View a variety of countries’ beginnings to 2016 (online or on TV) and experience it over and over throughout the day.

For added fun, give each other a New Year’s kiss each time you see the clock strike midnight and take turns sharing goals that you have for yourself in the New Year. You might also want to keep the theme by preparing foods from around the world to eat throughout the day.

Relive Your Prom

Similar to hosting a themed party, dress up as if you’re headed back to your high school prom. Wear clothes that you would have worn (or break out that formal dress or tux if they’re still in the back of your closet.)

Based on your plans, head out for the evening and watch heads turn or invite friends to join you as you celebrate the start to 2016 at home. Whichever route you choose to go, you’ll definitely have fun along the way!

Do you have other fun ways to ring in the New Year with your spouse? Please share your ideas!

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