Three Things To Do Well This Season

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Three Things To Do Well This Season

Well ladies, it’s here. The full swing of busyness that the holidays bring.

As women, a lot of extra responsibilities fall on us this time of year. Yes, we love preparing for our families during the season. But sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to keep up with everything.

So today, let’s all just take a deep breath together and remember what we are frantically working towards.

For me it is:

1. Tying hearts together in my family.

2. Teaching truth about Christ to my children and celebrating the gift of Jesus coming to us as a baby.

3.  Creating a family atmosphere that my husband and children want to be in. (This means that I need to be loving and inviting and not stressed.)

There are only 24 hours in every day. No matter how much we as women would like to add a few hours to our days – we can’t. God made each day with 24 hours. We can not add to that or take it away. So during the season of extra responsibilities it is unrealistic for us to think we can do everything we normally do, plus all the extra seasonal to do’s. We just can not.


I am constantly having to remind myself of this. I know this is truth. I know my limit. I can do a few things well at a time. But when I add too many things to my to-do list my quality  in doing them starts to drop.

So here is my challenge to you this week:

Let some things go this month! Chill out.

Relax, enjoy people, pursue relationships and soak up God’s goodness and pour it out onto others.

In your journal:

Write down three things that you are going to calm down about or let go this season to help ease your stress level.

Write down three added responsibilities that you have during the Christmas season that you want to do well.

Remember: You can do ANYTHING. You just CAN’T DO EVERYTHING.

Women – You are super awesome and talented. You are the backbone of your family. Let’s be realistic and not over-stress ourselves this season. Let’s value the gift of time that God has given us each day and spend it wisely this season.

Let’s love others well.

Let’s be present.

Now go – be awesome and serve your families today with a renewed spirit.

Chime in:

What do you let slide during the Holiday’s to help ease your stress level?

What added responsibility do you love doing?

I personally let my regular online to-do list slide a bit during the holidays. I try to get on the computer less and only do what is absolutely necessary.

I love being in the kitchen cooking goodies for neighbors and friends with my toddlers.

Amanda @ Embracing Grace


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