The ULTIMATE Resource For Those Who Want To Become Professional Bloggers

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I am so excited to introduce a NEW eBook to those of you who are looking to become a professional blogger!

This new eBook: iBlog: everything you need to know about blogging from 30 top bloggers, is a rare gem in today’s blogging world. This amazing 384 page resource gives insight into this industry from 30 top bloggers who have come together to create one HUGE resource for you. There is nothing like it out there of its kind!

Here is what you can expect to learn in this book:

Building a Vision for Your Blog

Finding Your Niche

Blog Design 101

Designing and Starting Your Blog on WordPress

Designing and Starting Your Blog on Blogger

Disclosure and Privacy Policies

Writing and Using an Elevator Pitch

Blog Planning and Organization

Basic SEO

Stock Image Tips

Blog Photography 101

Streamlining Your Research

Getting Your Blog Off the Ground

Building Your Brand

Building Community Through Your Blog

How to Get Traffic to Your Blog

How to Get Subscribers

Guest Posting

Link‐ups, Hops, and Other Events

Using Facebook to Grow Your Blog

Facebook Parties

Facebook Hops

Using Twitter to Grow Your Blog

Using Pinterest to Grow Your Blog

Using Freebies to Build Your Blog

How to Create Your Own Printables

Selling Your Own Products

Using Affiliate Marketing

How to Write a Media Kit

How to Write a Product Review

Working as a Virtual Assistant

Running a Group Blog

Marriage and Blogging

Balancing Motherhood and Blogging

Balancing Homeschooling and Blogging

Using Your Blog as a Ministry

Time Saving Blog Tips

The Power of Attending a Blogging Conference

Purchase Your Copy Today!

Can you believe ALL of this is just 7.99? This 384 page eBook is all you need to get you on your way to building your own brand and sharing what you are passionate about on the web.

You can purchase this book my simply clicking HERE.

Enjoy my friends! And I’d love to hear what you have learned after reading this!

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