The Blessing of Senior Saints

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Do you ever look around, in your church, or circle of friends, and wonder where you and your relationship with God, fit in?  Do you wonder what your purpose is, on any given day?  There is good news – no matter what age or stage you’re at, you fit perfectly!  God has a unique plan to use you as a blessing in someone else’s life!

The Blessing of Senior Saints

I’ve been a Christian for almost all of my life – what a sweet blessing to be able to say that!  To many, I’m an “old Christian,” but to some of the senior saints, I’m still young in the church.

I often look around, with tired mommy eyes, and wish that I had some of the energy of the teens or young adults.  But then I realize that I’m still one of those “young adults” compared to some of my favorite friends in church.

I watch as many of the senior saints begin to step back from ministries where they have worked for so long, to give opportunities for the younger generation to take up the ministry.  I don’t like to see them looking or feeling like they don’t fit in, or don’t have anything to offer us, the younger moms, anymore.

There are many things that our senior sisters can do that are a huge blessing and encouragement to us, as younger moms.  Some of these may not seem like a big deal, they may seem rather simple.  But to the mom, or the younger person, who is the recipient, these blessings are deeply cherished!

5 Ways That Senior Saints Can Be a Blessing to the Younger Generation

1. Pray – This goes without saying, I realize.  But when you’re praying for someone, would you let them know?  Not only do they need your prayers, but they need the encouragement of knowing that someone is watching them, thinking of them, and is mindful of what they’re doing.  By letting them know that you are praying for them, you are also giving them somewhere to turn when they need more prayer and support.

2. Encourage – Do you see a young mom struggling to keep her kids together while the kids would rather just run wild in the church?  Pull her aside and let her know that motherhood isn’t easy, and that she’s doing a great job!  You might even try to find something about her that you can compliment her or encourage her about, something outside of her role as a mom.  Do you like her shoes?  Is she doing a great job serving on the worship team?  Is she doing well to keep it together while she manages children, home, and a job?  Let her know!  This adds value to her as a mother, but also as an individual, and she will remember you for your kindness!

3. Write – Take some time to write a note, by hand.  This is a lot harder in our day and age, as we have moved to email, text message, and Facebook messages.  But I’m willing to bet that if you told a mom you wanted to send her a note, she’d be happy to share her address with you!  (I know I would!)  Maybe you don’t want to approach her and ask for her information, though.  How about writing a note before you go to church, and then take it with you to give to her?  Maybe you don’t even know her name.  Ask God to give you words to say to your “Dear Younger Sister” and begin your note that way.  Fill it with some of your favorite Bible verses, or a prayer asking God to bless the woman reading the note.  There’s something about a hand-written note that conveys so much love and thought!

4. Adopt – Do you know of a family who don’t seem to have extended family nearby?  Invite the mom over for a meal – she might be longing for the friendship and companionship you can offer!  Maybe you could invite her family to Sunday dinner, or to a meal around a holiday.  Adopting a family lets you love on them and be a part of their life, and it gives them an opportunity to receive the blessing of family!

5. Teach – Could you offer a mentoring class at your church?  You and your friends have so much to offer us, and we have so much to offer the young women coming behind us.  Teach us, so we can teach them.  You’re not sure what to teach?  Perhaps you could just have a place where we can all meet and fellowship.  Maybe teach a class on prayer and let the class be a place where we can all share freely.

Dear Senior Sisters, please be encouraged – we desperately need you and your example of godliness, motherhood, and womanhood.  You have so much to offer us, and so many blessings that you can share with us, and we are so eager to learn from you!  Thank you, in advance, for the many ways you will be a blessing in our lives!

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  1. You can add ‘listening’ to that list. In a world as busy as this and with all the electronic ‘communication’, being listened to is a missing link to sanity. Seniors have very likely learned to listen before the ipod and the smart phone became substitutes for friendship….and they don’t ordinarily prefer abbreviations to entire words and sentences.

    1. Hi Miss Carolyn! Listening is such a blessing! I know I always come away from our conversations feeling well heard! Thank you for your thoughtful listening heart! And thank you for adding that to our list as well. Love you, dear friend!

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