Spring Cleaning Made FUN & Simple

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If you are anything like me, as the winter fades into spring, spring cleaning is on your mind. Over the past decade my husband and I have been able to implement a fun and simple cleaning schedule to tackle all of our spring cleaning. As a matter of fact, we, as a family, actually look forward to spring cleaning every year.

Let me show you why.

We have implemented a few simple rules that govern the way we do things around here when it comes to scheduling and carrying out our deep spring clean up. What are they?

  1. No stress.
  2. Have fun.
  3. Work together as a team.

That’s it. Really, that’s all you need.

Of course with these simple rules in mind, we have created a wonderful system that works for our family.

  • First off, we plan our spring clean up with a kick-off night that we have a special dinner and talk about our plan and present the scripture that we will use to encourage one another during this time of hard work.
  • We spread our work over a 2 to 3 week period to make it as STRESS FREE and SIMPLE as possible. This works wonders on the morale of the family team!
  • To see exactly how we decide who does what – you can go HERE to see my 6 Tips For Stress Free Spring Cleaning.
  • Then the fun begins – it’s time to do the work. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Whistle while you work.”? Well we do that – kind of. We always sing and occasionally dance (if the task at hand SAFELY allows for it). This helps the children pass the time by doing something they LOVE to do.

  •  Once the big deep clean up is over – it’s time to CELEBRATE! We always plan a special night with the family consisting of a special dinner and fun family activity!

  • What does this look like on paper you ask? Below is a sample schedule of what our FINAL WEEK might look like.


Spring Cleaning 2012

“Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.”
Psalm 51:10

FINAL Week (March 18-24)

Monday – Clean windows inside and outside (Princess & Mom), wash all baseboards & ceiling fans (Daddy, Little Caveman, and  Prince Charming)

Tuesday – Prepare clothing that children have outgrown for donation (Mom & Little Caveman), reorganize dressers/closets and pull out spring/summer clothing (Mom & Princess)

Wednesday – Weed all gardens and prepare soil for planting (Mom & Dad), sweep up dirt/debris off sidewalk and driveway (Princess, Little Caveman, & Prince Charming)

Thursday – Take down and wash drapes on floors 1-2. Rehang as they are finished. (Mom & Dad), go through toys & books and choose some for donation (Princess, Little Caveman, & Prince Charming)

Friday  – Sweep out garage, check bike tires, throw away any old items (car fluids, etc), put all winter gear in their respective storage bins and put in the back of garage (entire family) – AFTER COMPLETED: GO ON FAMILY BIKE RIDE!

Saturday  – FINALE PARTY! Go out to Chinese food, bowling, then the movies! Thank you for all your hard work, we knew you could do it and are VERY proud of you!


I hope this post will help encourage some of you who might have a tough time motivating your family to spring clean, or just clean in general! Happy spring cleaning!

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