17 Ways to Save Money on Summer Weddings

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Summer months, especially June and early July, are the perfect time to get married. The weather isn’t too hot, flowers are blooming, and blue don’t get any bluer than they do during the summer months. Planning a wedding is already stressful enough without worrying about the costs involved. Unfortunately, for most couples, cost is a factor and they need to save as much as possible. If you’re one of those couples who needs to save as much as possible, take a look at these ways to save money on summer weddings. You won’t get married for free, but you’ll save money at the very least.

Tips to Save Money on Your Summer Wedding

17 Ways to Save Money on Summer Weddings

Find a free location

When the weather is warm, it opens up a wide array of different locations you can have as your wedding location. Check local city parks, state parks and even your friends and family. You never know who might be willing to let you use their back yard or who may have an empty piece of land you can borrow for a few hours. Just be sure to ask and not assume the answer as you really don’t know what someone is going to say until you allow them to answer for themselves.

Skip the catering and fancy china

Who said you have to feed all the people who come to see you and your beloved get married? Rather than do the “full fan fare” of food, why don’t you do finger foods or dessert and drinks? You can also get high quality disposable plates, plastic cups, plastic stemware, and plastic cutlery. These are some things that saved us thousands of dollars on our own wedding and our guests didn’t mind one bit.

Use wildflowers

Instead of paying for expensive floral arrangements, use wildflowers and arrange them yourself. Flowers are one of the most expensive items in a wedding so if you can get them free or cheap? You’ll save quite a bit of money. And it is a fun thing to do with the bridal party or family and friends who are in town for the big event!

Go floral with décor

Speaking of flowers, the more wildflowers you use, the less you’ll have to pay out of pocket. Use them for table centerpieces, chair or pew décor and more. There are also may low-cost items you could purchase and refuse in your own home for even sell on Craigslist, Amazon or Ebay when you are done with them.

Here are some great examples of floral décor that won’t break the bank…

Artificial Peony Flowers (can put in a vase or leave them arranged like the photo)

summer wedding decor


Thai White Orchid String Lights could be used for lots of different areas of decoration as long as there is a power source.

floral wedding decor

This beautiful green silk hydrangea floral arrangement is a low-cost alternative that can be used over and over again.

summer wedding
Choose an afternoon time slot

Evening weddings are more expensive since most paid venue’s charge more for evening hours. Instead, choose a morning brunch time spot or an afternoon spot. This is one sure-fire way to save a pretty penny on the venue of your choice not to mention pairs nicely with the “skip the catering” idea above.

Skip the fancy dress & tux

The truth is, you are marrying each other, not the dress nor tux. If these two things aren’t super important to you, do a simplified version of the traditional wedding. In the summer you can find great deals on summer dresses, sandals, khakis, shorts, and other things both in and out of season. But if you aren’t willing to compromise on this, then you can make sure you save in other areas to help soften the dent on the wedding budget.

Pick a date during the week

Speaking of when you have your ceremony, choosing a date that is during the week can also help you save. Weekends are usually an incredibly busy time for summer weddings which means that most venues and other service providers charge more. By having yours during the week, you’ll avoid those extra charges.

Ditch the reception venue

To save on your summer wedding, don’t pay for a separate reception venue. Instead, host your wedding and reception in the same place. This is especially easy to do if you are having your wedding in a church or outdoors. And let’s be honest, it will help simplify the guest experience as well. I don’t know anyone who likes going from place to place if they don’t have to.

Skip the huge wedding cake 

The wedding cake can be a big expense, especially during the summer months when it may need care take to keep frosting from melting. Instead, order a small wedding cake for you and your future spouse and a sheet cake for your guests. Cake is cake. They won’t care that they’re not getting a $1,500 cake and your wedding budget will be much happier.

Shop off season for décor

If you know that you’re going to be getting married in June, shop after Christmas and Valentine’s Day for things like tablecloths, flatware and so on. You can find these items significantly reduced in price saving you money.

Use nature for décor

Summer is all about the new life that bloomed in spring growing so why not save a few bucks on décor by incorporating nature to its fullest? Use twigs to create beautiful centerpieces and use greenery to accent.

Skip the full bar

Having a full or open bar at your wedding might be something that you or your guests want, but is it something that your budget can handle? Instead, serve lower costs drinks and don’t worry about the “entertaining’ side of it. At the end of the day people are coming to see you get married, they can go out afterward for a glass of wine if they really want to.

Print your own wedding invitations

Instead of paying for expensive wedding invites, buy a wedding invitation kit and print them yourself. This works best if you have a laser printer but an inkjet printer will work too.

Use an invite service for save the dates

Instead of sending paper save the date cards, use an invite service like e-Vite to send them. You’ll save a considerable amount of money and your guests will still receive the all-important date.

Hire a student to do photography

Instead of hiring an expensive photographer, hire a photography student. They’ll be significantly cheaper and may even take your photographs for free in exchange for the use of them in their portfolio. You can save on a videographer this way a well.

Skip the DJ

You might think that you need a professional DJ, but chances are good that you don’t. Instead, offer to pay a teenage neighbor or relative a small amount and have them do your music. There are few people who know technology like a teenager. Give them your playlist and let them do the rest.

Go local for your honeymoon

The honeymoon in Hawaii might be your dream, but your budget might not allow for that. If it doesn’t, stay local for your honeymoon to save. There are bound to be plenty of awesome places in your home state that you’ve never seen and your honeymoon is the perfect time to do that. If you absolutely must travel for your trip, use a Groupon to find a great deal on your honeymoon destination.

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