Reflecting Back On 2011 – A Photo Memoir Of Our Life

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Wishing you a Happy New Year from our family in beautiful Germany!

Reflecting Back on 2011 – A Photo Memoir


This year has been another blessed time of growing, living, laughing, loving, grieving, giving, receiving, and crying together as a family. We have experienced MANY memorable things in 2011.  


January 2011 
  • The Army packed us up and we left NC on our way to Germany. 
  • I was reunited with my biological father after 31 years of no contact. 
  • We visited our family in Washington state and we had not been home in 8 years! 
  • I also was able to reunite with my Grandma Kiyo whom I had not seen in over 32 years 🙂 
  • And our precious Prince Charming turned 4 (now he’s going to be 5 soon!) 

Michael & the children at the base 
of the Seattle Space Needle
 When we see Mt. Raineer we always know we are


My brother, husband, and children on the Space Needle 
observation deck, Seattle, WA

My Grandma Kiyo & I after 32 years of separation!


 Prince Charming’s 4th Birthday January 2011


 My biological father meeting his grandchildren 
for the first time in NC

February 2011  
  • We moved to a foreign country and had a major culture shock to say the least.
  • We moved into our new home for the next 4 years! Here until 2015! 


The view out of our hotel room when we arrived 
in Grafenwoehr, Germany

A photo of our new beautiful home


 The children’s bathroom 🙂

April 2011 
  • We celebrated another birthday for my daughter 🙂
  • Celebrated another precious birthday for my husband 🙂 
Happy 10th Birthday baby girl! 
 Happy Birthday Michael!!

May 2011 

  • We visited our very first concentration camp in Flossenburg, Germanywhere Dietrich Bonhoeffer was executed.
  • In obedience to God, I started this blog on the very last day of May.


 The chapel where Bonhoeffer preached
 A memorial to Bonhoeffer
My blog & I

June 2011 

  • Marked 11 years of marital bliss to my best friend! 
  • We went camping with some wonderful Christian homeschooling families in the German Alps!
 Our wedding day June 2000
We are happy and more in love 11+ years later
 Daddy, the kiddos, and our precious poodle
Lake Eibsee, Germany
 Prince Charming at the campsite in Garmisch
 Princess swinging at the campsite
 Little Caveman playing near the tent 🙂

July 2011

  • We said goodbye to daddy for another year long deployment (#5) to the middle East 🙁 
Daddy and his boys the day of deployment #5
 Daddy and his girl day of deployment #5

October 2011

  •   Marked the celebration of our youngest child’s 3rd birthday.
 Happy 3rd birthday baby boy! He LOVED the cake I made him!

November 2011

 Happy Thanksgiving Daddy! Wish you were here 🙂


 Blessed & humbled! To God be the glory!

December 2011

  • I celebrated my 36th birthday, thanking God for the gift of life.
  • And my sweet husband is home for R&R;!


Picking hubby up at the airport for the start of his R&R;!

This year has been a whirlwind with lots of character building and many wonderful experiences with family and new friends. We are grateful for each and every one of you and are praying that as you enter into 2012, you will experience nothing but GOD’S BEST for YOUR life!


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