Preschool Math With Turkey Hot Dogs & Goldfish Crackers!

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Snack time today was a bit different for us. Good different. Our youngest son, 2-year-old S, is ready-to-go in terms of homeschool instruction. This little man loves numbers and math so much so that it inspires me to get really creative with it! S can count very well. He uses manipulatives very well. So today, on a whim, I decided to use his snack foods as a number/counting game to see if he’d be interested in simple addition. Well, it worked 🙂 We did several “math” problems with his food before he ate it. I’d say we definitely got way more than our money’s worth out of those turkey dogs and goldfish crackers!

Some ideas for this kind of “preschool” math:
~turkey hot dogs were worth “5” for skip counting AND simple addition/subtraction
~goldfish crackers were worth “1” for simple counting AND simple addition/subtraction
~the boys (ages 2 & 4) had to come up with a certain number using their “food manipulatives”

While this may not be for all (honestly I didn’t think I’d ever do such a thing) – you just never know what tricks you might have to have in your bag when little ones begin to learn the basics!

Our 2-year-old Mathematician
He got it! 11 & 6! Good job 🙂
Go boy! Go!
26! Way to go lil’ man!
Recounting back to mama! You got it correct!
4-year-old Big Bro even had some fun!
Serving Jesus With All My Might,
Carlie K.

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  1. So sweet! Love the photos of your precious little ones "doin' math!"


    1. Anne,
      Thanks for stopping by! We use any and everything around us for teaching and learning, this day just happened to be hot dogs and gold fish 🙂 Thanks for sharing your Healthy Food article. One of the highlights of our children’s day is to make smoothies in our Vitamix!

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