How to Plan a Weekly Date Night {at home}

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Could you and your spouse use some tips on planning a weekly date night at home? If so, here are some great tips!

It’s the end of a long week (or perhaps the beginning of an even longer week ahead), the to-do lists are long, exhaustion is creeping in, and you can’t remember the last time you and your spouse went out on a date. It weighs heavy on your heart and mind. There’s a long list of reasons why dating your spouse feels so out of reach, but still…you allow yourself to daydream a bit of what it might be like to enjoy some one-on-one time with the one who who holds your heart.

Maybe it’s been so long since you dated your spouse that you can’t even remember what that was like. Or could it be you’ve given up hope because it just never works out? It’s easy to do, but so very destructive for a marriage.

What prevents you from having a special date night with your spouse?

Some may feel guilty or sad about leaving their babies, while others struggle to make the time because of kids’ sports scheduling conflicts or work-related demands. Often, it’s hard to find a sitter you can trust to watch your kids. And if you do, it’s not always easy to afford to pay for one PLUS go out and enjoy a nice date. Sometimes being away from your kids, if you’re not used to it, can cause worry, too.

For us, over the years, we’ve struggled with many of these reasons, and more. But what ever your reasons, know this…there is always hope. God’s very best for us does include intentional, planned time alone with our spouses. We need this consistent time where we can reconnect with one another, rejuvenate together, recommit to each other, and rejoice over all God has done and will do in our lives. We need to dream and problem-solve together and remember our humble beginnings. And we need to fight for the marriages we have, because our enemy has an entirely different plan to divide, steal, and conquer those who have become complacent and passive in their vows.

So, let’s think outside of the date-night box for a moment.

What if there was an easy way to have a well-thought-out and planned date with your other half, every single week? And what if you didn’t need to worry about a sitter or a large outpouring of money? And if you could actually teach your children about the importance of parents spending time alone together in the process, would that sound doable? And might it even fill your heart up with some much-needed hope?

I know it did for us.

How to Plan Weekly Date Nights {at home}

It’s so simple. Pick one consistent night each week as “Mom and Dad’s Date Night at Home.” Making it a consistent night that you write on the calendar each week creates an expectation for the kids and accountability to stick to the plan for you.

Then, begin talking with your children about the importance of spending quality, focused, uninterrupted time together. Remind them that God created marriage and that in order to protect it and continue to grow in your relationship with one another, Mom and Dad need to actually spend time alone together. You can even take turns planning your special night and get the kids involved in the planning.

(Hint: Discussing your upcoming plans a few times throughout the week with your spouse through texts or phone conversations, etc., is a great way to build excitement and anticipation for the evening!)

Once you’ve decided on which night to plan your date for, be sure to do everything you can to get your kids to bed on time. We chose Sundays because then we can spend the whole day together as a family, staying active and enjoying the day. Keeping this time focused on Family Faith-Building is top priority.

And finally, we sit down for dinner together, but the two of us just eat a light snack to tide us over. We make sure our children are worn out by bedtime so they go to bed without issues, and once lights are out, Date Night begins. We remind our children of this and they’ve learned to really respect this time we plan for ourselves.

What to Do on Your Date at Home

The possibilities are endless! But here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Order take-out just as your kids are going to bed. Then one of you can run to get it while the other is settling the kids into bed.
  • Talk about your dreams and set some realistic goals while sharing your favorite dessert together.
  • After enjoying some uninterrupted conversation, snuggle up together for an already-decided-upon movie.

If you’re needing some more creative ideas for your at home date nights, be sure to check out these 21 romantic stay-at-home date night ideas.

Megan and her husband, along with their four young sons live in the beautiful state of Washington. As often as possible, she and her family spend their time outdoors exploring and discovering the beauty of God’s creation. Megan is passionate about encouraging moms in their faith, sharing resources and ways for families to connect and grow, and is inspired by others willing to share their real-life stories. 

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