How to Plan a Mystery Date Night

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How to Plan a Mystery Date Night - Christian Marriage Adventures™

Have you ever considered planning a mystery date night for you and your spouse?

When you get married, many people often feel that after a while, the love and romance begin to fade. Maybe it does in some marriages, but it doesn’t have to the be the norm in yours. There are ways to keep that flame flickering and to find fun and excitement in your married dating life!

The only time that a marriage becomes stagnant and dull is when the parties involved suddenly stop trying. If you’re looking for a way to keep that fun and excitement in your married life, planning a mystery date night is exactly what you need!

How to Plan a Mystery Date Night

What’s the point of a mystery date night? MYSTERY, of course! Everything about the night should be secretive, fun and an experience your will never forget!

1. Make a list of places that you and your spouse have never been together.

More than likely, this won’t be hard. There are probably a ton of different places that you’ve always wanted to go together that you and your spouse just haven’t had the time for. Narrow it down to one or two of the top choices, and then start planning out the rest.

2. Plan a night that your spouse won’t forget.

In order for it to truly be a mystery date night, the spouse who isn’t part of the planning has to be kept in the dark. No details, no clues, nothing! If you are wanting to surprise them, you have to handle it entirely yourself.

It’s okay to enlist some outside help from friends and family but make it clear that they can’t leak any of the juicy details. Nothing will ruin a mystery date night quicker than someone spilling the beans.

3. Channel your inner-creativity.

Showing up to places that your spouse won’t expect is always fun for a date night, but where’s the true mystery in that? Instead, get creative with ways to make them think and “solve” where your date night is going to happen.

Creating a fun scavenger hunt is always a fun way to get them intrigued and excited about the night and it’s actually quite simple as well. Start by having their first “clue” waiting for them when they get home from work, and how as many other clues that you want to lead them through the night.

The clues can be all set up to let them know you’re going on a date, or if you want, you can sprinkle some random clues throughout the night as well, depending on where your date night takes you. Do your best to keep the mystery alive for as long as possible during your date night because the less they know, the more fun it will be!

4. Go With a Murder Mystery Group Date!

How much fun is having a murder mystery group date night? If you haven’t ever been a part of them, trust us when we tell you it is a night of mystery, friendship, and tons of fun! Many cities have murder mystery date night events. Look and see if there is one in a city near you!

5. Don’t give in to them asking to know!

Once your mystery date night officially starts, don’t give in to your spouse asking “what’s next?” All good things come to those who wait, right? Take it as a good sign if they are intrigued by your prepared plans because that means that they ultimately want to know what is coming up next and it shows they are excited!

The next time that you have a date night on the horizon, take charge and plan a mystery date night. It’s a great way to add even more excitement into the day, plus you get to showcase your planning and preparing abilities as well.

Who knows, you may just set the bar so high, that your spouse will have to be the one to plan the next mystery date night! And remember, have fun with each other! These mystery dates are an absolute blast!

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