Our Favorite Homeschool Curriculum

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We are so excited to share our favorite homeschool curriculum with you. We still are in shock that we had the honor of homeschooling for 16 years. Seriously, where did the time go? It seems like yesterday we were starting our first child in kindergarten. (By the way, she’s now a senior in college!)

Although we have changed our homeschool curriculum many times over the years, the curriculum we share below has been consistently amazing and has been a blessing to all of our children. 

Our Family's Favorite Homeschool Curriculum


All About Reading is our all-time favorite reading program! Their pre-reading program is such an amazing intro to their reading curriculum. All three of our children have found this curriculum fun and engaging which is a rarity as they have such different learning styles and personalities!



All About Reading’s Pre-Reading program is also perfect for Kindergartners who are not reading yet. 

God’s Creation From A to Z (from My Father’s World) was a phenomenal curriculum to get our children focused on a Biblical Worldview while learning some amazing study habits!

Parenting with the Proverbs is a wonderful resource to help you use the Bible to correct your children’s behavior (instead of what your parent’s used to do).



Handwriting without Tears was a gift to our family; especially for our first and third children. It was the only handwriting curriculum that didn’t cause massive fits in the early days. 

For science we used Kindergarten Abeka Science. This is such a wonderful way for your young explorers to discover God’s World around them!

Early Elementary

History + Geography

We started doing For Every Nation with our two youngest sons when they were very young. This has completely surpassed all of our expectations! We knew that we would cycle through it over and over through High School. 


We used All About Reading for both of our sons. We worked through levels 1-4 and they both LOVED this program. It’s easy to use as a parent and it incorporates sight, touch, and hearing for a multi-sensory approach!

All About Reading



Just like their amazing reading program, All About Spelling did not disappoint. Both of our sons loved this program and they are both solid readers who enjoy reading as teens (praise God for this!). Just like their reading program, AAS is also very easy to teach. The lesson plans are simple to follow and yet very thorough. 

All About Spelling


We have always used (AND ABSOLUTELY LOVE) Apologia Science! This company has created the best Christian Science curriculum around. All of our children have used it for years.

Apologia Middle School Physical Science


We always use notebooking pages for handwriting. This has been such a gift to our children (and us) as they learn the lost art of writing and journaling their observations of the world!

Free Homeschool Resources (Notebooking Pages & More!)
When our children were young we loved using: A Reason for Handwriting A. This is a fun, simple, and easy to use curriculum!


We LOVE Horizons Math when the children were learning the foundations. This is a solid curriculum with phenomenal teacher’s manuals. 

Middle School

Grammar + Vocabulary

Wordly Wise – lessons focus on building vocabulary while strengthening reading, writing, and critical thinking skills

History + Geography

For Every Nation is hands down our favorite missionary study curriculums of all time! The time our children have spent studying this over the years has dramatically increased their faith and heart for Jesus. This is a must-do curriculum for Christian homeschool families!


We continued to use Horizons Math through middle school. This curriculum has served our family well.


We continue to use our FAVORITE curriculum Apologia Science! The biblical worldview is one of our favorite aspects of this curriculum. The books have phenomenal illustrations and their experiment kits are bar none!

Writing + Comprehension

We love notebooking for every subject, but the boys especially enjoy it with writing and comprehension! Productive Homeschooling offers a plethora (literally 1000s) of notebooking pages for every subject imaginable! 

Productive Homeschooling

High School


Believe it or not, we used this amazing curriculum (To Every Nation) through high school! Our oldest child LOVED using it through graduation (she graduated in 2018). This, by far, is one of our favorite homeschool curriculum choices for all grades!

English + Literature

IEW’s Windows to the World: An Introduction to Literary Analysis served our firstborn daughter well. This is a welcome addition for any bookworm’s growing love for writing.

Hannah also read a lot of British Literature while working on several different creative writing projects.


Our daughter opted to take her high school math at the local community college. However, if our sons don’t wish to do so, we will be using Saxon Math.


Our daughter opted to take her high school science courses at the local community college. However, if our sons don’t wish to do so we will be using Apologia Science through High School. 

History + Geography

Our daughter used Bright Ideas PressAll American History all 3 years of high school. We plan to do the same for our sons when they are in high school.

While this list isn’t super comprehensive, it is our favorite homeschool curriculum from our 16 year homeschooling experience. We hope this list helps you find some new curriculum to try!

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