How to Avoid Common Marriage Financial Problems

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A large part of a successful marriage weighs heavily on how the finances are handled. Sadly, marriage financial problems are a huge cause for division within many marriages and can easily end in divorce.

We’re not saying you will end up getting divorced if you’re having marriage financial problems. However, we’re here to let you know that it’s not something to be ignored and it doesn’t have to be something that causes an issue in the first place.

Here are a few tips for avoiding those common marriage financial problems from the start.

Come see these 3 budgeting tips that will help you avoid common marriage financial problems!

3 Budgeting Tips to Avoid Common Marriage Financial Problems

1. Overspending

This one is a killer. It can be easy to do without even realizing you’re doing it which can result in massive and overwhelming debt. Overspending can be curbed by setting a budget. Yes, budgets take time to sit down and write up but we suggest using this easy, no-nonsense budget planner. It keeps things simple while outlining all the necessary steps to setting (and keeping) a thorough budget. Knowing how much money you have and where it’s going every month can be a wakeup call.

The biggest tip to budgeting when overspending is an issue is to give yourselves a spending allowance. Whether it be a combined amount that you have to split or a separate amount, figure out what would best satisfy the urge to spend and go that route. Cutting yourself off cold turkey on spending outside of responsibilities will only foster bitterness and a feeling of all work and no play which is not a fun road. You work for the money, you’re allowed to spend it on pleasure but setting a limit is vital.

We would also suggest having your spending allowance in cash and not taken from a credit card or debit card. Out of sight, out of mind is what makes it easy to spend. Having the amount in front of you without the ability to spend beyond that total helps significantly.

3. No Savings

Whew, you do not want to get stuck without any savings. However, when money is tight, it can be difficult to find a way to budget in the savings aspect of it. We have been caught in the whirlwind of having no savings and it was a horrible feeling. If you find yourself having bills and expenses that are at the peak of your income, check your budget. This budget planner will help you get a quick glance of where all the finances are going.

Look at that budget and see what you could cut back on in order to start including savings. Do you have the bigger cable package? Try lowering it to a simpler package instead and the money you save by doing that can then be placed in savings.

Do you use both Hulu and Netflix? Get rid of one and again, start putting that amount into savings every month. Set a goal for the amount you want to be placing in savings each month/week/year and keep adjusting your spending until you can easily reach that goal. Don’t overwhelm yourself though! It’s important to take it in stride. Too much too soon can cause issues as well.

3. Goal-Setting/Having a Plan

Goal-setting is an extremely helpful tool when dealing with money issues. Fixing finances or even building them up is not something that happens overnight. Plus, being united as one when making financial decisions will only bring you closer and keep you on the same page. This results in money never being an argument because you both know the goal and what it’s going to take to get there and you made those decisions together.

We recommend using The Ultimate Goal Setting Planner [Couples Edition]. This planner allows you to fill in the blanks so all you have to do is sit down and discuss the goals you have in mind as a couple. This planner is great for marriage financial problems but it goes beyond that.

Since finances permeate many parts of a marriage, it’s important that you go beyond the goals that are only directly affected by financial decisions. The goals you have for other aspects of your life will affect your financial future. That’s why this planner branches out to include other goals you might want to reach as a couple.

There are many more tips I could give when it comes to avoiding marriage financial problems but it truly comes down to prayer and communication. Have a regular financial meeting with your spouse and be open to compromise when it comes to spending and saving. Overall, make sure you’re on the same page when it comes to financial planning and goal-setting. A spouse should never be surprised by a financial decision.

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