Learning French with Middlebury Online Language Courses

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Learning French With Middlebury Online Language Courses

Learning French with Middlebury Online Language Courses

While living in Europe our daughter fell in love with France. From the food to the fashion to the culture, after our first visit, our daughter was convinced that she was French. The funny thing is that our last name is French, so likely, somewhere down the line some French blood runs through her veins.

This summer while planning her first year of homeschool high school, our daughter was set on learning French, but had no time to attend the local college courses. We needed a French course that would allow her to work in between her busy life schedule.

And we found our solution: Middlebury Online Language Courses.

Why My Daughter Likes Middlebury

From the moment our daughter first logged in, she was immediately impressed with the way the course was structured. One of our daughter’s favorite things about Middlebury’s high school French course is the user-friendly student interface.

Upon her first log-in she was able to easily find these two very useful features:

  • calendar – this handy tool provides our daughter with the ability to “see” her semester
  • table of contents – gives her easy access to her entire course layout

Our daughter also enjoys the videos with native speakers interacting, as it not only gives her an idea of the accent to mimic, but it also reminds her of her times in France. Her favorite part of the French course so far is the grammar and vocabulary exercises.

Middlebury Language

It’s so sweet because, since beginning her French course, our daughter has been writing a play about a French exchange student coming to the United States. In her play she plays two of the characters, and she has recruited her two younger brothers to play the other two roles, as well as coerced them to speak some French! It has been amazing to see how well Middlebury is suited for our daughter and how it has inspired her to use the French language in some of her other creative endeavors.

One of our daughter’s good friends has a mother who is a native of France. This week our daughter began speaking with her and has agreed to continue doing so 1-2 times each week. Because of the immersion and real-life aspect of Middlebury’s high school French program, she has been confident in her conversations with her friend’s French mother. Our daughter is certain that upon our return to France, she will fit right in with the native speakers!

What This Homeschool Mom Likes About Middlebury

As a homeschooling mom of over a decade, I have a real appreciation for multi-sensory curriculums. I have found that curriculums that appeal to more than one of our children’s senses are the best suited for retaining long-term learning. From reading to speaking to writing to visual stimulation, this language immersion experience has everything your student needs to succeed. It’s no wonder our gifted daughter enjoys this course as much as she does.

Learn More About Middlebury’s French High School Course

Connect with Middlebury

Middlebury will be featured in an iHomeschool Network Twitter party on Oct. 9, 2014.

Middlebury will be the featured guest in the weekly iHomeschool Hangout on Oct. 16 as they’ll be talking about teaching foreign language for homeschool.

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  1. This looks fabulous. My older daughter fell in love with France after watching a Mary Kate & Ashley movie I believe. She hasn’t been there and teaching language is such a challenge when doing it from home – even while in public school. One thing we’ve don that was fun was ‘visit’ France via Youtube videos of other people who went. She enjoyed that. I did find a ‘study abroad’ trip to France through Landry I’m sending her to.

    1. Nita, I love how creative we can be as homeschoolers! Virtual field trips are so much fun and really can give our homeschoolers a taste of another place or culture. Wow, studying abroad in France? What an AMAZING opportunity! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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