Allowing Jesus to Take Center Stage

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Jesus is the reason for Christmas

The snow is falling as I write; cold winds have stripped away the last remnants of warm weather as autumn slips into winter. I’ve been busy decorating our home in preparation for a wonderful Christmas season. I’m sure you have, too! Like most of you, I want to create lasting and wonderful memories that our family will cherish for many years to come. Some years seem to go more as planned than others!

There are times when I look around and realize I am busy creating, cleaning, or cooking, and I’m sitting on the sidelines while what is most necessary is for me to step in center stage. The center of a board game, the center of a sled on a cold day because some little person wants to share this experience with me. The center of a bed time story, the center of a child’s face as it reflects the glow of the Christmas tree.

For all we may do for our children, it is truly what we are actively being to them that will get to the center of their hearts. What are you placing in your center? Make sure you dive deep this season to fill up that central part of your heart. As we are filled, He will radiate out, touching all we do with a grace, a peace, and a presence only He can give. We can give our children a great gift this Christmas season: the love, joy, and peace of a heart that has let Christ take center stage!

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