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How to Care for a Sick Spouse

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Are you wondering how to care for a sick spouse? Here are some tips to help.

Providing care for a sick spouse isn’t always easy. Seeing someone we love not feeling well is difficult and adding in the time and energy to provide their care can be downright overwhelming. However, we are supposed to be our spouse’s comfort and support. Through sickness and health, isn’t that what the vows we said?

It can be two different things if your spouse is chronically ill or just has a bug that they need a few days to get over. However, the same basic principles apply one way or the other. Here are a few ways you can effectively care for a sick spouse.

How to Care for a Sick Spouse

1. Watch your patience and body language, it speaks loudly.

Nobody enjoys being sick and when you have to rely on somebody to help you out, it can be humbling. The best way to help our spouses through a time of sickness whether it’s a short or long period is to serve them with a smile.

Yes, it can be difficult to add that on to our plate, however, we have no doubt they are already feeling pretty awful as it is to be adding to your plate in the first place. Remember, it’s not their fault they’re sick, don’t take it out on them. Show them support and encouragement.

2. Be honest about the situation.

Sometimes a sickness can be a lot more serious than we anticipate. When this happens, it’s human nature to either be overly positive or to be overly negative. Neither of these extremes are helpful to the situation. Be realistic about the what’s going on.

Saying it’s nothing can make your spouse feel like you don’t care about what’s happening to them. On the other hand, being overly negative and thinking the worst is not a way to encourage your spouse. Even if it’s something as small as a cold, don’t shirk how they’re feeling but don’t overreact either.

3. Be present.

Between the hustle and bustle of the day, it can be difficult to just sit down with someone especially when that someone was the person you tag teamed with on daily duties. This means an extra full helping of work for you. However, many times, just being there and being present for a sick spouse can make all the difference in the world. It shows them they’re truly not alone and you’re in it together.

4. Don’t be afraid to get them the items they request.

It may sound ridiculous to get something such as popsicles for a grown person, however, sometimes, little things like that are just what they’re needing to help take off the edge. I still feel better when I eat a popsicle with a sore throat and my husband never complains when I request them because he knows a $3 box of my favorite popsicles is worth seeing my eyes brighten up while I’m sick.

5. Don’t be afraid to let others step in and help.

Even if your spouse is only sick for two or three days, the load can get heavy, especially if kids are involved. Don’t be afraid to let friends and family step in and take some of the load. It’s humbling but well worth it.

Overall, having a sick spouse is stressful no matter how serious it is. Just remember, you and your spouse have made it this far and your marriage can handle more than you think it can. Continue to put your spouse first, and challenges will feel like a breeze.

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