How to Build Quality Time Into Your Marriage

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Looking for ways to increase quality time in your marriage? You have come to the right place!

If your life is anything like ours you are constantly fighting against the clock. From getting up early for work to homeschooling the children and making sure they are where they need to be during the week, the day can quickly fade away. And before you know it, you and your spouse are falling out in the bed before you even get a chance to talk or enjoy intimacy with one another.

Quality time in marriage is something that we have learned to fight for. We have learned that we have to fight a plethora of things from stealing our time. From our selfish human nature to being sure to set firm boundaries when it comes to outside things, protecting our quality time is very important to us. We have learned that if we are not careful, the enemy will come in and steal our time and our marriage will suffer as a result.

How to Build Quality Time Into Your Marriage

Be selfless, not selfish.

This can be as simple as pouring your spouses coffee first or allowing them to vent after a hard day at work while intently listening to them. It is so easy to make selfish choices when your time is limited. But by intentionally choosing to be selfless, you are creating quality time with your spouse by showing them how much you care.

Study your spouse from the inside out.

This never gets old. We don’t care how long you’ve been married, there is always something new and fascinating to learn about your spouse. Make it a habit to study them. See what makes them happy and where they could use some encouragement. This will not only build quality time in your marriage, it will help you continually fall in love with each other!

Make your spouse’s passions a priority.

You know that hobby your spouse enjoys that you couldn’t care less about? Make it a point to take interest in it. Even if that means just researching it and asking some questions that will excite your spouse, that is a great start. Not only will this create an ever deeper bond between you and your spouse, it will also create more trust and intimacy. As you take the time to take a new interest in them and what they love, this will automatically build quality time in your marriage. If that isn’t a tried-and-true strategy, we don’t know what is.

Set firm boundaries with your time.

Even though we are busy during the day, it is important to eliminate those things that can suck our time away from us. For some people that may be social media for others it may be watching television or talking on the phone. Whatever your “time stealer” is, we encourage you to set very firm boundaries to be certain that it is not getting the quality time that is meant to be spent with your spouse.

While it is great to have a whole day full of quality time to spend with your spouse, in many seasons of life this just isn’t a possibility. So it is important to remember to make every moment count. By using the 4 tips above you can create quality time that doesn’t require much time. And it is these special moments that you both intentionally create that will give you both the refreshing your marriage needs when life is draining you. We encourage you to take the time each day to do one of the tips above and watch God restore your marriage!

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