How to Cast a Godly Vision for Your Marriage

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Have you ever thought about casting a godly vision for your marriage? Perhaps you’ve never even heard of the term before, and in that case – don’t worry! This post will explain what it means to cast a Godly vision for your marriage and how to do it!

How to Cast a Godly Vision for Your Marriage

Where does the principle of vision casting come from?

Where there is no vision [no revelation of God and His word], the people are unrestrained;

But happy and blessed is he who keeps the law [of God]. (Proverbs 29:18)

First and foremost, it’s important to understand the important principle this verse sheds light on when it comes to vision. Notice how it says, “where there is no vision – the people were unrestrained.” When there is no thought given to (and about) God, let alone His laws and instructions, there is often no restrain.

It reminds me of the city Sodom and Gamorah. It was filled with people who didn’t care to be in alignment with God. And what happened? It burned. I think it’s safe to say that the word of God gives us life, whereas sin brings death. That’s what makes this verse an amazing foundation for vision casting. 

It truly puts into perspective what it looks like when the word of God is made real in our lives. This verse shows that when we have God and His Word, we have revelation and are happy and blessed.

Our definition of vision casting in marriage

When a husband and wife spend time together at the feet of Jesus and write down the vision God has given them for marriage.

Using the aforementioned scripture, it’s important to get into the Word and find out what God has for you and your spouse. It doesn’t have anything to do with other people, their opinions and/or experiences, and what God may be doing in their life. 

This is an intimate and private journey that you can take with you, your spouse, and Jesus.

What vision casting IS NOT

It’s important to know what vision casting is not so you can move forward with a clear, biblically-sound description of what this will look like for your marriage. 

Vision casting IS NOT: 

  • throwing out a bunch of things you want
  • the name it and claim it prosperity gospel
  • desiring what others have for yourself

Simply put, these are what you call operating in your flesh. They are not glorifying to the Father and they are not what vision casting is all about. Because we do have a human nature side, these are things that you definitely want to keep in check. 

What is vision casting and how to do it for your marriage

Quieting your mind in the presence of God so you can hear His voice.

We can all agree that this can be difficult at times. In Mike’s situation, he has PTSD and TBI which can physically hinder him from processing information and putting it together in ways that make sense. Perhaps your situation is similar or different altogether. Regardless, it’s a great practice to quiet your mind, meditate, and listen for the voice of God.

Download what God tells you.

Once you’re in a position to begin hearing from God, it’s not time to start downloading and processing what He is telling you (and your spouse). For Mike and I, this is when the adventure really starts. When you begin hearing from the Lord, you’re able to take those steps and write them down. 

Create plans and execute.

With your visions in hand, you can then start planning and executing to see the things God was telling you and your spouse come to life in your marriage. Think about Jesus and the visions and plans He was casting. Some of them could not be understood until they came to pass, but there remained the process. 

Benefits of Casting a Godly Vision for Your Marriage

Not only does this practice bring you and your spouse closer together, but you’ll also experience clarity in your marriage. It makes getting before the Lord intentional in your personal lives and your lives as a couple. Vision casting also keeps you and your spouse accountable to what God has said about your marriage. Having it written down will keep it in the forefront of your mind and ultimately your marriage.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t done so already, we highly recommend starting your journey of vision casting for your marriage. Mike and I are living testimonies that there is power behind doing Godly things God’s way and this is certainly one of them. If you’d like to hear more about vision casting and download your vision casting sheet, click here.

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