A Busy Mom’s Guide to Getting More Rest

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Are you a mom who is in desperate need of more rest? Come try these tips in A Busy Mom's Guide to Getting More Rest!

When we get busy, often the first thing we get rid of is sleep. Making time to sleep will not only keep you healthy, but also help you stay more alert during the day. As a busy mom, you may have decided that you will get more sleep during the weekend or at a later date. However despite your busy schedule, it is crucial that you make time for sleep! Here is a busy mom’s guide to getting more rest.

A Busy Mom’s Guide to Getting More Rest

Cut out the Distractions Before Bed.

It may be tempting to end your night in front of the TV or checking your Facebook before nodding off, but this can actually throw off your sleep schedule. Your phone or computer puts off artificial light, known as blue light, and could cause you to lose up to an hour of sleep each night. That’s one hour you can’t afford to waste. Instead of wasting your time on social media, do something productive! Read that book you’ve been putting off, make a to-do list for tomorrow, or even lay out your clothes before bed.

Create an Evening Routine.

After work hours, we have a tendency to kick back and call it a day when the day is only half over. Creating an evening routine can help get your body ready for bed, which will help you fall asleep faster. You can make your evening routine as productive or relaxing as you want, as long as you focus on doing the same things each night.

Turn your Bedroom into a Sanctuary.

If you have trouble falling asleep each night, it could mean your room isn’t optimal for sleeping. Your room should be quiet, cool, and dark. Focus on making sure your room meets those three requirements, and you’ll be off to sleep in no time.

Take a Nap.

If you have a newborn, or sleeping through the night is just not happening, it might be time to consider scheduling an afternoon nap into your schedule. Even a nap as small as 30 minutes can have you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the next item on your to-do list. If you are constantly on the go, then you may need to get a little creative. Use your lunch break to take a quick nap in the car, or nap while you’re waiting for dinner to finish cooking in the oven, just be sure to set an alarm for that one!

Get Sunlight During the Day.

Spending time outside in natural sunlight will help you sleep better at night. In a research study, results found that those who were exposed to natural white light during work hours slept an average of 46 minutes more per night. Open the windows, and try to spend time outside every day, even if you only walk to the mailbox and back.

Sleep is a crucial part of our lives, and despite the phrase “I can sleep when I’m dead,” we need sleep to function. Even if you’re a busy mom, you can still get the necessary sleep you need while still crossing off your to do list.

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