Fishers of Men

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My husband loves to fish.  He enjoys it so much that he makes and sells fishing lures.  I am not an avid fisher-person but enjoy going with him and our children on occasion.  I even purchased my very first fishing license this year.

My family loaded up in the truck.  We had our poles, our lures, and our worms.  The sun was setting and it was prime fishing time–or that is what my hubby said.

We got to our destination and began to fish.  Hubby spent time teaching the children how to cast their lines and how to reel them back in.  He spent time showing them how to bait their hooks.  S caught a fish early in the evening.  Both kids had a great time fishing.

When we returned home that evening, N said to his daddy, “Thank you for teaching me to be a fisherman!” It was a proud moment for my husband and a reflective moment for me.

During that moment I was convicted of what we are teaching our children.  Are we teaching our children to fish for more than the ones in the water?  Are we teaching them to be fishers of men?  Are we showing them how to cast their nets and reel in a prize for the glory of His kingdom?  Do we lead by example when we are out and about?  Is our light shining?

While I do believe it is important for us to show our children how to catch their own supper, I believe it is even more important to teach them to bring the lost home.

Are you teaching your children to be fishers of men?

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