8 Reasons Every Mom Should Write a Book

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Every mom should write a book. Moms are some of the most important people in the entire world, you know that right? I mean seriously. You selflessly love your children day in and day out. You pour everything you are into loving them, teaching them, educating them, nurturing them, being a voice of reason for them, providing for them, cleaning up after them, rejoicing for/with them, fighting with/for them, and the list goes on and on…

Mom: You are the one God chose to grow and carry the gift of life within your womb. Even if you are not a birth mom, you still carried that gift of life with the dream of being a mom in your heart (and that is just the same). And mom, you are the one that God has given the ferocity of protecting that gift of life with your own life, if necessary. But often times mom, you are so busy that you are rarely remembered for who you are – only what you do. And to me, both are of equal importance. I believe, mom, that you should write a book, and here’s why…

MOMS: Do you have a book in your heart that you've been meaning to write? Not sure if you should? Here are 8 reasons why every mom should write a book.

8 Reasons Every Mom Should Write a Book

Because you matter. You know that, right? Even if sometimes those beautiful eyes that gaze up at you forget to tell you – you matter to them. A whole lot. And you always will, no matter what. A lot can happen in life – but the unique bond of a mother and child can be broken by nothing or no one. Sure, there can be stressors, but nothing can break the God-given bond God created between mother and child.

Because your story is unique. And it is. This isn’t just some cliché saying, it’s the truth. There will only ever be one you. One mom that has the unique voice and life-experience you carry. One mom that was chosen for such a time as this – to birth the blessings that God placed inside of you – whether those be physical or spiritual or both.

Because your children will benefit. And they will. There is something so different about communicating through the written word. And there is also something very unique about reading a story rather than watching it. Both are important and both will bring a dynamic to life that one or the other could not do alone. So by telling your story through writing a book, your children will have a tangible piece of you to carry with them always, even after you are gone. And there will be things you can write down for them that they won’t fully understand until long after you are gone. And there is value in that.

Because the world will benefit. It’s true. Yes! You make a difference in this big old world – you really do. And without your life the world wouldn’t be the same. So as you tell your story – the good and the bad – someone out there in the world will be blessed. You’d be surprised by how sharing a small part of you can make a large impact on the world.

Because God put a story in your heart. We are all passionate about something and some people are passionate about many things. This passion is the story of your heart. This story was put there by God to be told only by you. And it’s a beautiful story. Just because life isn’t all filled with sunshine and roses doesn’t mean your story isn’t beautiful. Because it is. Don’t let the trap of comparison steal your story. Your story needs to be told, because it’s only yours to tell.

Because without you, the world wouldn’t be what it is. The truth is, momma, you have already made an impact on this world and will continue to do so until the day you take your last breath. Why not make your life count that much more by blessing others with your story? That beautiful story will enrich the lives of countless others – but only if you tell it.

Because your grandchildren/great-grandchildren may not know you. Although we all long to be close to our grandchildren and great-grandchildren, the truth is we may not be. It could be like our family who has lived far away from our own family as we travel the world as a military family. But if you write your story, it can be read to them and they can read it themselves as they grow, making you a special part of their life!

Because it’s your dream. I have met countless mothers who have told me it is their dream to write a book. From a memoir to a fictional book inspired by real-life experience, I cannot think of a mom that I know or have met along my journey moving around the world that hasn’t expressed to me they want to write a book. So do it! Write that book, momma!

What’s holding you back from writing your book? Is it time? Or is it the mysterious process of publishing that has you mystified? I’ve been there. I felt the very same way! Until my husband and I finally broke out and decided to write our first book together (this family Bible study guide) and now the rest is history! I wish I had the time to teach everyone what I know, but I just don’t.

But there is help…

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Whether you want to write the story of your heart for family only – or share it with the world – I encourage you to do it. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Share your story with the world because the world is truly a better place simply because you are in it. Happy writing!







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