Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students (a book review)

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emotional intensity

Do you have a gifted student? If so, you recognize there are some very unique challenges to raising these special children – particularly in the way of their emotions. I have been homeschooling a gifted student who is now finishing her 8th grade year of school. We have faced our fair share of challenges due to the fact that she is so advanced for her age. And to top it off, she has skipped an entire grade level and is entering high school at the tender age of 13.

You can imagine how thrilled I was when I saw that Prufrock Press carried a book that addressed the very concerns that I had to deal with while parenting this gifted student: Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students. And the book is so timely as our youngest child is also a gifted student – I believe what I’ve learned from the book will help us with a fresh start.

As I read Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students, I found myself laughing and nearly crying as so much of the intensity the book speaks of we have gone through already. It affirmed many of the difficulties we faced in the past – and explained why certain situations were so hard to overcome. I am very excited to see a book address this very real need for the parents and teachers of gifted students.

What I Like About Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students

  • The conversational style writing. This makes it so easy to follow and implement.
  • The role play scenarios that help walk parent, student, and teacher through various emotional situations a gifted student might go through. These scenarios are derived from actual case studies.
  • Strategies for stress management, underperformance in school, perfectionism, and social anxiety that your gifted student may face.

I highly recommend purchasing Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students if you are a parent of a gifted student, are homeschooling a gifted student, or are a teacher or counselor of gifted students.

Be sure to visit Prufrock Press to check out the extensive resources for gifted students!


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  1. Thanks so much for your review. I bought the book as soon as I read this. It have two extremely gifted children and have no idea what I’m doing.

    1. Sara, I am so glad you found this resource. It really is an entirely different world and I am thankful for resources like this that show us how to better manage these precious gifts!

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