Why Communication with Your Wife is so Important

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Why Communication with Your Wife is so Important

Communication with your wife can often be a challenge. The challenge is we think differently. We don’t set out to hurt one another or to not understand each other but often we do just that because we are on two different paths and don’t realize it. For example one day my wife was frantically searching for a notebook she needed. She enlisted my help and told me to look for a “pink” notebook. I never did find it but when she found it, probably somewhere I had already looked, and held it up, it was mainly white with some “pink” around the edges. I didn’t consider that pink but she did and that kind of misunderstanding can often get us in trouble!

I am a quiet man! I don’t use a lot of words and this is the opposite of my wife. She is outgoing and a perfect date night for her is to go somewhere and talk! I have found over the last 22 years that this talking thing is extremely important to her so I work hard to find time and ways for her to do it! I will never forget when I heard her first impression of our first date! She told a friend of hers that she didn’t think it would go anywhere because I was so quiet and she was so talkative! She said, “I think I talked him to death” however what she didn’t know was I loved that about her. I was shy and she just kept the conversation going and I loved every second. I loved her laugh and the way she was never ran out of things to say. Thank God she gave me a couple more dates before she wrote me off!

It is important that I remember how much I loved that about her then and how to nurture it. Some ways we do this is are:

My wife and I have a scheduled date night every week, which is a nice time to catch up on things we like to talk about. We use it to talk about our week, business ideas for our websites, politics, parenting, and/or anything that is on our hearts.

We keep 9-11 for just one another as much as we can. We spend time watching tv, reading books, working on our budget, planning our week, etc…

Basically, in my experience, you need to MAKE time to communicate with your wife and to not become strangers. Since I am a quiet man I have to be intentional in making this happen. It would just be too easy for me to not and then I wouldn’t have the reward of knowing my wife as intimately as I do!

If you have a VERY busy lifestyle such as taking the kids to several sporting practices and games per week, just try a modified version of what we do. Set aside 2 or 3 nights a week to talk and relax together. Schedule a date night once every two week or once a month. Every little bit of communication helps and guys when your wife is happy you are happy!!

223450_1021910639469_6368145_nEric Richter is a husband of 22 years and father of 3.  He works in the IT field and is a co owner to Together with Family with his wife Angela


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