Balloon Tennis

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Balloon Tennis

Being a very unstructured homeschool family, we tend to have quite a bit of down time in the afternoons that is usually filled with reading, baking and playing games.  Since we live in a small town with lots of things in walking distance, we’ve been filling that down time with walks and exploring.  The weather isn’t always welcoming to us though, and I know this time of year leaves many of us with plenty of rainy days moments.

Yesterday brought on a “Mom, I’m bored,” to which I wanted to reply, “I’ll find you something to clean.” Instead I decided to find some things around the house to make a project with, and we decided to play a classic balloon game with a twist.

Balloon Tennis

You’ll need paper plates, popsicle sticks, glue, markers or crayons, and a balloon.

1.  Take the front of your paper plates and design away; write team names on them, or add stickers, or anything you’d like.

2. On the back, glue on a popsicle stick.  Be sure to leave plenty of room on the bottom for you to get a good grip.

3. After the glue is dry, blow up your balloon and play away!  The idea of the game is to try to keep the balloon from touching the ground, and whoever drops the balloon gives a point the other person.

Have fun!

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