Learning to Speak Life: Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study Guide

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Are you looking for a fresh approach to family Bible time?

The first book in the Learning to Speak Life™ series – Fruit of the Spirit Family Bible Study Guide – is just what you are looking for! This fun new 9-week family Bible study guide is geared for families with young children ages 3-12. It examines the fruit of the Spirit according to Galatians 5:22-23 – teaching children how to speak God’s life-giving words in place of words that tear down and destroy.

Each chapter includes the following sections:

Primary Scripture – This will be the basis for the lesson in each chapter. This is designed to give your family a foundation in memorizing God’s Word pertaining to learning about the fruit of the Spirit.

What is…? – This section examines what each fruit is. For instance, in the first chapter we talk about love. So the question will be asked, “What is Love?” We examine and define it from a biblical perspective to ensure that each family member is on the same page when learning about the fruit of the Spirit in each individual chapter.

Confessions – We designed some sentences for your family to read and confess out loud to help reinforce what you are learning about the fruit of the Spirit. This section also gets your family into the habit of memorizing and speaking God’s life-giving word. This is a great way to begin the habit of changing your mindset to line up with the Word of God instead of being led by your emotions.

Copywork – This is designed to help your children commit to speaking positive words that line up with scripture. Each chapter has copywork designed for children ages 7+ as well as suggestions for children 6 and under.
Role Play {Inspiration} – We created some fun role playing activities to help your family see what each fruit of the Spirit looks like in action. Prepare to have a lot of fun!

Silly Sayings – These are tongue twisters to help your family learn key components of each fruit of the Spirit. Say them quickly to maximize the silliness!

Short Story – Every chapter houses a short story that will display a lesson about the fruit of the spirit being discussed. This gives your family the chance to really see how important obedience to God’s word is in every day life.

Family Discussion Time – This section is designed to help facilitate family discussions about what everyone is learning in each chapter. It is a great time to address any questions or suggestions on how your family can grow in the area of speaking God’s word.

Family Project – Each chapter includes some ideas for family projects that will inspire you to behave according to the fruit of the Spirit as well as increase cohesion within the family unit.

Prayer – Each section has a prayer that your family can pray together as you seek to honor God by learning about and modeling the fruit of the Spirit in your day-to-day lives.

Digging Deeper – For those of you who want to go even deeper than the 10 sections above, we’ve created some more ideas for your family to explore at the end of each chapter.




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