A {Love} Letter To My Husband

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Wedding Photo
The Wedding Of The Century {June 10, 2000}


My Precious Michael,

On the eve of our 12th wedding anniversary, I find myself alone….again. You, too, are alone….again….as you are fighting a war that is NOT your own, half way around the world. As both of us are in foreign lands, apart, we still have two things that tie us tightly together and that is our LOVE and commitment to one another and more importantly, to Jesus.

I want to take the time to tell you exactly how much you mean to me. It is important to me, actually VITAL to me, that you know at all times exactly how I feel about you – as I would NEVER want to take my time with you for granted. Not even one millisecond.

No words can truly encapsulate the love that abounds in my heart for you, Michael Kercheval. No gift or card could ever be worthy as a descriptive representation of what we have {TRUE love}. I always wonder if I have been in a dream – 12 years long – where I married a man that I could never have conjured up even with my wild and vivid imagination. But no, our good and glorious God has given me a gift that has completed me in the flesh. Made me whole again.

“And the two shall be one flesh; after that they are not two, but one flesh.”
{Mark 10:8}

I give all praise to God, our creator, for perfecting YOU for ME. I am thankful to Jehovah Jireh – for providing ALL I need through His sacrifice {from which come forgiveness and newness of life}. From this sacrifice came a new covenant under which we live – and even better – during which you were conceived AND born into existence in the flesh. You, His creation, are strong, wise, giving, humble, diligent, determined {to do what’s right}, and so loving it is nearly unfathomable to me. But thank you Jesus, IT IS MY REALITY.

You know my story.

You know my pain.

You know my peace {Jesus}.

You know my struggles.

You know my triumphs.

You know my joy.

YOU KNOW MY HEART – And YOU are my love.

Wishing you a Happy Anniversary – 12 years of wedded bliss and 100 more to go 🙂 Thankful you will be in my arms soon. And when you are, we shall dance together!

Loving you forever,



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  1. What an absolutely beautiful letter for your husband, Carlie. God bless you both and happy anniversary!

  2. Daughter this heart felt letter is beautiful. I pray Michael gets to read it before he starts his trip home. Happy 12th with a prayer that this will be the last one apart. You both are a true testament that with Christ all things are possible.

    Love Dad

  3. what a beautiful anniversary gift, Carlie. marriage is one of God’s greatest gifts. from one Army Wife to another, happy anniversary. prayerful that it’s your last one apart.

  4. Lovely and beautiful!! Thank you so much for linking this up with Marriage Monday because I’m go glad I got to read it! =)

  5. This is so sweet ….
    You should be 16 – 17 years in marriage now. I do hope you are together now

    God bless you both with happiness always

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