12 Free Resources Every Blogger Needs

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Whether you are looking to start a blog or looking to grow your blog, we are sharing some free resources every blogger needs.

These 12 resources will help you start your blog with no cost to you!

Free Resources Every Blogger Needs

free resources every blogger needs

We’ve been earning a full-time income from blogging since 2011. And with an industry changing all of the time, it is important that we are always learning and growing.

And it’s even better when there are free tools to help you grow your blog! So today we are sharing just that – free resources every blogger needs to grow their profits and business!

12 Free Resources Every Blogger Needs

1. The Beginner’s Guide to Branding

One of the best things you can do from the beginning is brand your blog. Why? So that everything you create is cohesive. People begin to recognize your logo, colors, and font when you create consistent branding. The beginner’s guide to branding is one free resources every blogger needs.

2. How to Set Up a Self Hosted WordPress Blog

WordPress is the number one choice for bloggers to build their websites. This simple tutorial will easily walk you through the steps of setting up a self-hosted WordPress blog all by yourself!

3. The Essential Blog Post Promotion Checklist

Promoting blog posts is almost more important than writing them! This quick checklist that covers everything you need to do to promote your blog posts — which will seriously pay off in the long run. 

4. 20 Free (or almost free) WordPress Plugins

Plugins are amazing for bloggers who don’t know any coding but still want a website that looks and functions like it was custom-coded. This list of 20 plugins has been curated so you don’t have to spend days combing through all of them.

5. 15 Mobile Apps Every Blogger Needs

Mobile apps are an asset to every blogger. These 15 mobile apps will help productivity. 

6. 10 Steps to Take When a Blog Post Goes Viral

Do you have a blog post going viral and want to maximize your traffic? This super helpful guide shares the exact steps you need to take to make the most of a traffic surge and build momentum that will last.

7. 7 Sure-Fire Ways to Boost Your Blog Income Overnight

Looking to boost your blog income overnight? This super helpful mini ebook will help you maximize the revenue you are earning from the audience you already have.

8. 120 awesome blog post ideas

Grab these 120 awesome blog post ideas will help you beat writer’s block and bring killer content that builds your business every time.

9. The New Bloggers Guide to Guest Posting 

This super helpful guide will help you grow your audience with guest posting and make sure your content is a hit every time.

10. The EBA Blog Structure Blueprint

A clear blog structure is critical to a blogger’s success. This guide will show you how to organize your blog so readers can always find exactly what they’re looking for & become raving fans!

11. The Secret Blueprint for Blogging Success

Ever wish you had a roadmap to blogging success? This Secret Blueprint shows you the exact steps you need to take to grow your blog fast and monetize successfully.

12. 8 Bad Blogging Habits & How to Break Them

Are your bad habits holding you back? This Secret Blueprint will help you identify and destroy destructive behavior so that you can grow your blog more quickly than ever.

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