Deployment “Countdown” Chain – 90-Days-Out!

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Yesterday the children and I made our official 90-Days-Out Deployment Countdown Chain. This has become a tradition during our many deployments as an Army family. I had heard about the concept of making a paper chain with 365 links on it during our first deployment in 2004. As a new Army wife going to go thru my very first year long deployment, I decided I would do it for our daughter Princess, who at the time was only a freshly turned 3-year-old. Well, it was a great concept BUT was very confusing to our daughter. The most confusing part was when Daddy came home for a 2-week R&R in the middle of the year. At that point – all our hard work went down the drain! So in trying to keep with this concept – I modified it.

This is when I decided to do a 90-days-out deployment countdown chain. I do this when I know that we have AROUND 90 days (as I am very careful what information I put out to the general public) so that way if anything he chain will be longer than needed 🙂 This concept has worked beautifully for us over the last 8 years of deployments! Let the COUNTDOWN BEGIN!

Here are a few photos from our chain making day yesterday 🙂



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  1. That’s a nice idea. We are counting down as well. It is very close for us. So close I can’t say much more. You know how that is. Good luck and God bless.

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