Using PECS in Our Homeschool

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Using PECS in Our Homeschool

I probably would know nothing about PECS if I didn’t have a child with autism. It’s very commonly used for those on the spectrum. PECS stands for Picture Exchange Communication System. Much like a picture schedule a lot of homeschool families use, PECS goes a little deeper. Instead of just pictures showing a basic sequence of events for schoolwork and chores, we use PECS to show EVERYTHING! We use it to show each step of activities, chores, and of course, schoolwork.

We also use it to communicate how to handle being out in the community, such as at the store, dentist, or doctor. PECS is very versatile. There are also pictures where everyday items such as clothing, furniture, food, etc., can be labeled to help with speech. It can be used in a binder for on the go or hung up to stay at home. Different systems can be put in other rooms of the home such as the bathroom or bedrooms for step-by-step communication there. We have step-by-step pictures put up for him to know how to take a shower, use the restroom, and clean his room. This helps foster independent skills.

This system has proven very helpful in helping him know what to expect next in our day and how to complete certain tasks. It has also reduced meltdowns due to overstimulation. It’s definitely an important part of our homeschool.

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