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Top 25 Educational Sticker Books for Kids

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Top 25 Educational Sticker Books for Kids

When I was growing up, I remember loving stickers. I first fell in love with stickers when my precious Grandma Jean would bring over sticker books every time she visited. She always had the coolest sticker books on just about every subject you can imagine! And the best part was that when my interests were peaked from the pages of the sticker book, she’d come back next time with a book to read aloud to me or for me to read aloud to her about the subject I wanted to learn more about. To say these are nostalgic memories for me is an absolute understatement – as a matter of fact I know that these sticker books created a curiosity and love for reading that has never died.

Fast forward 20+ years and I find myself a mom with a desire to home educate my child (and future children). Guess what I turned to when our first born turned 1? Sticker books! Yes! These sticker books have created a foundation and sparked an interest in our children’s lives for the love of all things literacy! I am excited to share today with you 25 of the best educational sticker books out there! Enjoy!

navity sticker book

Dressing-up Sticker Book Nativity Play

castle stickerbook
Build A Picture Castles Sticker Book

world war I sticker bookFirst World War Sticker Book

truck sticker book
Build a Picture Trucks Sticker Book

sticker book
1000 Animal Stickers

classical_music_sticker_book_300Classical Music Sticker Book

princess sticker book

1000 Princess Stickers

astronomy sticker bookAstronomy and Space Sticker Book

victorian dollhouseVictoria Dollhouse Sticker Book

ancient egypt sticker bookAncient Egypt Sticker Book

pirate sticker book
1000 Pirate Stickers

monster sticker book
Build a Picture Monsters Sticker Book

bugs sticker book1001 Bugs to Spot Sticker Book

1001 Things to Spot at Christmas sticker book

1001 Things to Spot at Christmas Sticker Book

 alphabet sticker bookAlphabet Sticker Book

human body sticker bookHuman Body Sticker Book

bid dinosaur sticker book

Big Dinosaur Sticker Book

famous artists sticker book

Famous Artists Sticker Book

build your own town sticker book

Build Your Own Town Sticker Book

market sticker book

First Sticker Book Market

building sites sticker book

Building Sites Sticker Book

monkey sticker book

First Sticker Book Monkeys

under the seaUnder the Sea Sticker Book

1001 things to spot on a farm1001 Things to Spot on a Farm

planes sticker bookBuild Your Own Planes Sticker Book

I hope these educational sticker books will be a joy to your children, grand-children, nieces, nephews, and any other special children in your life. Never forget the blessing it is to be able to read and have a hands-on learning experience to enrich your educational experience!

What is your favorite sticker book listed and who will you be purchasing it for?

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