5 Reasons Massage Helps Your Marriage

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For the past 15 years of our marriage I have been blessed to have a husband that massages me nearly every day that we spend together. No kidding. And while that is a great blessing to me, I wanted to be able to bless him the same way. But it just didn’t start out too great. For starters, my husband is 6’2″ with a super athletic build, and I am just 5’2″ with tiny hands. My little hands would cramp up if I even tried to massage him. When I would try, I’d give up (rather quickly) and eventually didn’t even try at all. However, until recently, I had no idea how to massage him and I knew that had to change.

It wasn’t until this year that I came across a wonderful online resource aimed at married couples and began to learn that I can massage my husband, small hands and all! After going through the online video series offered by Melt: Massage for Couples, I have not only learned how to confidently massage my handsome husband, but it has brought numerous benefits to our marriage! Today I am going to share 5 reasons massage helps your marriage, both in the short-term and the long-term! What a blessing!

It Gives You More Confidence in Your Marriage Bed

Let’s be honest, ladies. We are not always as confident as we’d like to be in the marriage bed. It can be for a variety of reasons: insecurity about our body, exhaustion from working hard as a wife and mother, or any other variety of things. But as we know, our marriages are tri-fold: body, spirit, and mind. We can’t ignore the fact that physical intimacy in marriage is equally important to both the spiritual and mental sides.

I’ve struggled during certain periods of our marriage to be confident in my body (especially after giving birth). While my husband never said anything or made me feel any different, I still wasn’t feeling that great about myself and had a temptation to shut out physical intimacy. However, I believe that because my husband massages me and loves me so tenderly in this way, it has not only kept our marriage bed exciting, but also given me the confidence I need to keep it that way!

It’s All Natural

For us, this matters. It makes both my husband and me feel great that all we are using is our own hands and some great all-natural essential oils. Since we are avid essential oil users, we always choose the oil that will best suit something our body needs. Last night my husband used a blend of Roman Chamomile and Lavender to help soothe my mind and it definitely worked!

There are a variety of oils you can use to help with different things. You can learn about many different oils and their uses HERE.

And of course it’s natural for a husband and wife to have their hands on one another in LOVE (smile).

Physical Touch Can Heal

As we read all throughout the New Testament, Jesus and his disciples healed people through physical touch. And studies show how physical touch can be responsible for aiding emotional and physical healing. I have witnessed first-hand how the power of touch can be a blessing in both my own life and the lives of others. Because of how often my husband and I massage one another, I am really seeing how God is using the art of physical touch to heal many things in each of our lives. I am so very thankful for this gift between spouses!

It’s Free

Need I say more? As some of you may know, I am a stickler for frugal living so this is a very appealing aspect to me. And we also have the free will to choose how we spend our time and who we spend it with. When my husband and I choose to massage one another, not only is it free, but it frees toxins trapped in our bodies, frees the mind, and relaxes our bodies! Believe me, my husband and I have been to many fancy restaurants and vacations, but massaging one another is now our date night of choice! And I believe that if you and your spouse are committed to the idea, it will be your date night of choice, too!

It’s a Gift That Keeps On Giving

The beautiful thing about massage is that it doesn’t expire or end. It keeps on going as long as you and your spouse are willing to put forth the effort to give the time and tender loving care to one another. And think about this: If you and your spouse are increasing your intimacy in a healthy way, just think of the priceless example of love you are giving to your children. I know that our children are always watching us and they notice everything — from the good to the bad. And it often seems like the children can focus on the bad more easily. Let’s give our children something GOOD to talk about when it comes to their parent’s marriage. Let’s beat the statistics and allow God’s love to shine through our marriages!

I am really excited that I’ve had the chance to sit down and share my thoughts with you about massage. I am a firm believer that if you don’t keep looking for creative ways to keep your marriage passion alive, you will eventually lose the desire to be married. No one wants that. We all want to have a thriving and Christ-filled marriage where all aspects are flowing — mind, body, and spirit! Let’s take our marriages to the next level…we can only go up from there!


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