Taking a Homeschool Break Just Before the End of the Year

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Mom Needs a Break!

As summer approaches, many homeschool families are scrambling to wrap up their school work and begin summer break.  I, on the other hand, have decided to step back for a couple weeks and take a break before we finish our work.  We are very close to wrapping up our textbook work, so you might be wondering why I would choose to take a break now instead of in a few weeks.  The answer is simple: my daughter and I were not enjoying ourselves.

My personal blog is titled, Joy Focused Learning.  I created it with the goal of inspiring other homeschool families to focus on the joy of learning.  My own goal for homeschooling is that my daughter will develop a love of learning.  If you follow my blog, you may have noticed that things have been pretty quiet.  I haven’t had anything particularly inspiring to share.  I didn’t want to fake it, so I just haven’t written much about our homeschool work lately.  Somehow along the way we got caught up in assignments and to-do lists, and we stopped having fun.  C isn’t an early riser, so we don’t typically start school until 10:00 or 11:00.  With such a late start, I began cutting back on the fun extras so we could get everything done at a decent hour.  I worried that if school went too late, I wouldn’t get anything checked off my to-do list.

c reading

Of course, without much enrichment, C started to complain about school days.  I was getting pretty grumpy about them, too, because of the guilt I felt about neglecting the fun of learning.  We needed a break.  I thought about pushing through and starting fresh next year, but I didn’t like the direction we were headed.  C needed some time to just play and have fun, and I needed more time having fun with her.  I also wanted to take a look at our work load and come up with a new schedule that works for us. So far, we are still just enjoying the break.  I plan to tackle our schedule soon.

I would love to hear how you fit fun learning into your homeschool day!  Leave me a comment below.

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