Make the Connection (Part 1)

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Managing Your Blessings

Do you ever feel there just isn’t enough time?  Not enough time in the day to possibly accomplish all that is on your plate?  Not enough time to go here, do that, plan this or see that.  It leaves you with the feeling of never quite catching up, never quite completing enough to reach a place of rest.  Frankly, it leaves you feeling worn out and frustrated about many things that are, quite possibly, never going to be within your control.  We are all blessed with the same amount of time in a day, same 24 hours to grow, to change, to make plans or abandon them.  One person has peace, while the other lives life at a frantic pace, chasing an illusion of peace. The truth is, peace is only found at one place, the feet of Jesus!

We’ve all done it at some time in our life, missed our time of prayer and study, slept late, rushed out and left home unprepared and oops, you forgot something.  You return, run through the house, frantically looking for the item.  Grab it quick, back out the door and off you go.  It’s a pretty familiar scenario.  Imagine Jesus sitting at your table, two cups steaming there, he’s been waiting for a while now, watching you run around while all the while just trying to catch your eye.  We can go about our days, leaving the most important person behind.  He’s not going to knock down your door.  There is no condemnation on His part only the most fulfilling relationship waiting to be developed.  Prayer truly is our lifeline, everything we will ever need in this life has already been provided for us, we just have to make the connection.

Maintain the Connection

I want to encourage you to invest in yourself, invest in your faith, invest time in the word and prayer, invest in putting His word into your family.  Give Him the first part of your day.  Place yourself in the hands of the only one who has the wisdom to help you accomplish your dreams and all your day will entail.   Make the one connection that really matters, lift your heart, mind and voice to the One who longs to connect with you.  Ephesians. 5:17 says, “Pray without ceasing.”  It is possible to maintain a moment by moment awareness of the presence of God that resides on the inside.  The Holy Spirit is an “ever -present help” (Psalm 46:1.).   “Christ ever lives to make intercession” on our behalf (Heb.  7:25).   When you cultivate your relationship through prayer and an awareness that He resides on the inside, you’ll grow increasingly familiar with His voice.  It is truly a blessed place to be led be the Holy Spirit!

Make sure you are making prayer a priority in your everyday, carve it out in the morning and guard it diligently.  Continue it throughout the day, keep it alive in your heart, have a song on your lips, practice the art of maintaining that connection.  It is your lifeline, that place where all things become possible, every dream is birthed and all hope is restored.  Our hearts are designed for a deeper experience with our Creator, a daily, living experience that will change your life forever!



Angela resides on the rolling hills of the Palouse in Eastern Washington with the men in her life.  She has been married to her wonderful husband, Juan, since August 2000.  Together they are blessed to have three amazing little boys.  She is a licensed clinical social worker, turned stay-at-home mom and over the past two years has been teaching people how to use essential oils for all natural health care.  In her free time (um, what free time!) she enjoys spending time with family and friends, worshiping, reading and studying, baking, horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, and teaching.

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