Interpretation Tuesday – Bugs, Bouncing, and Backyard Fun!

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Today is Interpretation Tuesday here at – So You Call Yourself A Homeschooler? If you have no idea what in the world I am talking about, click here to go to the original post implementing this new tradition 🙂

Today 2/3 of the children and I (big sissy was on sabbatical) talked about bugs and bouncing. I know, a strange combo, but hey, it’s all about the kids! In terms of “bugs” we just talked a bit about the beautiful snails we have been finding every where here in Germany. How their shells form and what dictates the colors and shape of the shell. Pretty interesting stuff. We also talked about how most bugs lay eggs that hatch, with a few exceptions that actually give live birth. Then we talked about bouncing. Well, actually we discussed the physics of jumping, but we called it “bouncing” for the boys as this is one of their favorite words! Their interpretation today of what they learned was to go into the backyard and search for what we talked about! Bugs, snails, and then to bounce on the trampoline! It was hard work…..but someone had to do it. Having fun while learning? Who knew?! Here are their findings….

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