Hoop and Straw Airplane Craft

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Hoop and Straw Airplane Craft

Kids love making things that can fly and glide through the air, and you can do so much more than the traditional paper airplane.  Today we tried the hoop and straw method. Cohen asked me, “Uhh Mom, are you sure this will work?” After he tried it he said, “Whoa, this went really far! I want to make more!”  So with that, I’ve decided to do a mini series of posts on different ways to make simple flying objects out of paper. Come back next month and see our second method!

What you’ll need:

– A roll of tape

– Two index cards

– Scissors

– A straw

airplane craft

How to make it: 

1. Cut three 1-inch slices of index card lengthwise.

2. Tape two of the slices together at an end to make a long piece.

3.  Tape the long piece into a circle, and then tape the smaller piece into a circle (you’ll want two separate circles).

photo 1

4. Then, insert the straw into the circles and tape one at each end of the straw.

5.  Throw it and watch it soar!


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