Homeschooling, From A Father’s Perspective – The Importance Of Daily Family Bible Devotion Time

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Today I want to take the time to reflect on the importance of making DAILY Bible devotion time for you and your family. Most of us men will quickly think, I am too busy with work, tv time on the couch, or trying to complete my massive honey-do-list of projects around the house. Let me first say this to us men: Stop making excuses as to why you are not sowing into the Word and leading your family in devotion time. This is a responsibility that God has ordained for us – to lead and guide our family in the Word of God. I know what most men are thinking right now about this matter, either you want your wife to do this and you will nod your head or you think you are less spiritual than your wife is so what is the point? The point is, whether you are more spiritual or not; we will have to stand before God one day and give account to why we did not take charge and meet God halfway on Bible Devotion time. No matter what, our wife does not carry the anointing to speak the Word over our children and convey a sense of authority like we do. We are not better than our wives, rather we have the grace to carry it out.

Before we can teach and guide our family in devotion time, we must get to know our God on a personal level. The only way to tap into the heart and mind of Jesus is to tap into revelation knowledge that comes forth from the Word of God. I am not talking about saying a short scripture once and moving on, I mean to meditate, confess, and apply what you are reading. As you obey God on what He tells you to do, He will then show you how to lead your family in devotion time. Trust me, God knows your schedule better than you do. He patiently sits there and waits to see if you will sacrifice something in order hear HIS voice. God’s voice can only be recognized and heard from revelation knowledge that comes through meditating and applying His Word. Men I have been there – times where there was so much strife and division within my household due to my slacking in the area of family devotion. I would religiously read the Word, without taking the time to allow the Word to speak back to me. Then I would legalistically read a scripture to my family and wonder why everything seemed so dry or why there seemingly was no power coming forth. It was because my heart was not right with God.

In order for me to lead and guide my family through the Word, I had to stop seeking God for things and instead seeking God with all my heart and mind. Once I found out how to gain God’s grace and mercy, then and only then my personal and family time became important. My wife strongly suggested that we read and talk about the bible, literally right after the last person finished eating at the dinner table. It worked out good because we all had a chance to look and acknowledge one another with compassion. As I read at times, I noticed that my two boys would speak the Word of God boldly and H started sharing insight of practical things to achieve as a family. It is beautiful to see your wife and kids read and share from the Bible. So make time to get into the Word and stop making up excuses men! You will never regret the hard work you put into seeking God and the rewards you will reap within your own family.


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