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As we enter the month of December many companies will pour tons of money into marketing their products and services to us. They will tell us why we need the latest and greatest (fill in the blank) and how it will make our lives that much better. Along with many of you I have fallen into that trap several times as the clever marketing or glowing product reviews convinced me to purchase something and a few months later I end up finding myself falling into one of three categories:

1. Not using the product at all and watching it collect dust.

2. Rarely using the product and eventually selling it on EBay.

3. Returning the product and getting my money back because it did not live up to my expectations

I don’t know about you but when I have had these experiences I ask myself what was I thinking when I made the purchase and then become cynical about purchasing new products for a few months or so. These feelings occur because the item did not live up to the expectations I had based on the marketing and reviews of that item.

In my opinion John the Baptist is one of the greatest advertisers of all time. He was out in the wilderness of Judea exhorting people to repent because the kingdom of heaven was coming upon them. He even called out the Pharisees and Sadducees who were the religious leaders of that time. His primary message focused on the coming of Jesus and the works that Jesus would do. When Jesus did manifest Himself on earth He did not disappoint. Unlike the items that do not live up to our expectations Jesus does not disappoint, He was and still is as advertised.

Jesus fulfilled everything that Jesus taught the word of God with power, healed the sick, constantly offered up grace and mercy to those who did not deserve it, and performed many other great acts throughout His life that you can read about in the gospels. As we approach Christmas please take the time to read through the gospels and stand in awe of all that Jesus is. With Jesus there is no false advertising or let down, He does exactly what the Bible says He will do. He still offers eternal life, forgiveness of sin, healing for the sick, etc.… He does not change. This holiday season if we don’t receive any gifts or do not have the finances to bless others with gifts we can still receive and present the greatest gift of all…Jesus. He will truly satisfy the soul.


Curtis loves to read, write, and listen to music in his spare time.  He also enjoys photography and traveling to different locations in the U.S. and the world. He currently resides in Washington State with his beautiful wife Jenette. Curtis desires to continuously grow in the Lord and share his knowledge through writing and teaching. You can get a peek into his world by checking him out on Twitter.

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