Free Couples Goal Setting Worksheet

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One of the questions we are most often asked when coaching couples is: How can we get on the same page when it comes to our hopes and dreams for our marriage?

And we have two words: Goal setting.

Goal setting has been one of the primary reasons our marriage has lasted through every season life throws our way. Goal setting the perfect way to see what each of you desire to get out of marriage as well as what you can give to the marriage. It also gives you the freedom to dream together which has a powerful impact upon your union!

Looking to start setting goals in your marriage? Come download our FREE goal setting sheet for couples!

Our free couples goal setting worksheet serves as the perfect way for you and your spouse to start working towards the marriage of your dreams.

Our goal sheet will help you start the habit of setting goals by determining:

  1. Why do we want to accomplish this goal?
  2. What will we do to get there?
  3. What date do we want to have this goal accomplished by?
  4. Milestone check-ins.
  5. And rewarding ourselves when it’s done!

Free Couples Goal Setting Worksheet

You can download your free copy of our couples goal setting worksheet simply by clicking on the button below. Enjoy! And let us know if you have any questions!

Ready to just jump into setting goals with a super cool, super fun, and super actionable full planner? If so, check out our Ultimate Goal Setting Planner for Couples! This bad boy has everything you need to start getting down to business with goal setting and goal crushing!


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