Finding Your Homeschooling Feet

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Finding Your Homeschooling Feet

Pretend you’re in the market for new shoes (you probably don’t have to pretend that!). You’ve been wearing the same shoes for a long time. They are dependable and  stable. They are all you know, but something about them just doesn’t feel right. Oh yes, you’ve worn them for years! They are on your feet, a part of your daily routine. Yet something inside of you just knows it’s time for a change.

You’re about ready to walk into a shoe store, and not just the shoe section of a small department store; I’m talking about a massive shoe warehouse. You know it’s time for new shoes. You’re convinced. You just need to go find the right pair. As you open the door to the shoe store, a huge wave of cold, forced air hits you in the face and all you see are aisles upon aisles of shoes. Boots, heels, running, walking, sandals, children’s, men’s, and even a purse section and a sock corner. All you know is that it is time for change and now you have to figure out what kind of change.

Now instead of needing new shoes, imagine you are a mother who feels you need to change the way your child is being educated. Instead of shoes, it’s homeschooling options. Actually making the step to homeschool is a huge feat in itself. I’ll bet it wasn’t an easy decision. You may have grown up in public school; maybe your spouse isn’t on board; maybe you were homeschooled until high school but it still scares you. Whatever your situation, believe me, making the decision to homeschool is no easy task.

But you’ve made the decision to bring your children home. Or maybe you’ve even made the decision to change up the way you already homeschool.

So basically, you know you need new shoes; now which ones? You know you need to homeschool; now how?

Today’s post is a bit silly because I’m going to give you an off-the-wall question to ask yourself as you examine all of the homeschooling options.

Here is my question…

What does your homeschool shoe look like?

To you, homeschooling may look like a pair of cowboy or rain boots, always ready to get some dirt on them during your many adventures. Or maybe it looks like a pair of comfy heels as you click-clack through the museums on a schedule that fits your family a little tighter than it would fit mine. Perhaps you’re a pair of slippers, tucked in at home while you read together on the couch under warm quilts. Or just maybe…you’re barefoot and school looks like hours of playing in the sand and journaling your findings later.

Me? I’m a pair of neon blue slip-on Skechers. I can kick them off when I need to, or bustle out the door on a moment’s notice. They’re bright, colorful, and look great with a t-shirt and grubby jeans. They match my loud house and are as eclectic as I am.

So take a moment and look down at your feet. What are you wearing? And if you don’t like the pair of shoes you have on…

Change Them.

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