Classwork Completion Chart for Young Learners

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Hello, friends! Do you have a little one that you just about have to beg to finish their work each day? There are some days that I feel would have been successful if we could have just FINISHED SOMETHING. Ever been there? Perhaps you have a child who has developmental difficulties and staying on task is easier said than done. I would like to share a technique that has proven effective on more than one occasion. It is a classwork completion chart for little learners.

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This can be done so simply!

  • Print out two copies of a picture (or coloring sheet) of your child’s favorite super hero or princess. I would print it out on cardstock for durability.  One copy should be black and white while the other copy is preferably color.
  • Next, cut up the color copy into however many subjects your child needs to complete in a day and label with each subject. For instance, you will need to cut up the picture into 5 pieces if your child completes reading, math, language, writing, and Bible in a day.
  • Attach one side of a velcro strip to the back of the colored puzzle piece and the other side of the velcro strip on the correlating area of the black and white copy. Your child will then “earn” a puzzle piece during the day to attach to their completion chart. A completed chart can earn a reward of your choosing (ie. computer time, extra play time, your name it). *TIP* You can even use a small puzzle for your pieces. My local dollar store has many options available with only 8 puzzle pieces. You would then just put the puzzle together rather than attach with velcro.

This technique allows the child to see each subject as part of a whole and helps them work toward a goal! It will also allow you to see exactly how much a student has completed so far that day in a quick glance!

I hope you find this idea a help to you in your homeschool classroom. Do you have any ideas to share on how to encourage your child to complete their lessons each day?

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