Camping In The German Alps!

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So You Call Yourself A Homeschooler?

For those of you who have read our testimony in the 5-part series Marriage, Family, And Homeschooling – you know that we are embarking on our 5th long deployment in the last 8 years. We were blessed with the opportunity to spend some of our last days prior to the deployment together camping in the German Alps 🙂

Here are some pictures of the highlights!


Daddy, the kiddos, and the dog in Lake Eibsee


Prince Charming – Lake Eibsee


Little Caveman – Lake Eibsee


Princess snorkeling in the lake


Daddy and two of his boys 🙂


Little Caveman spent about an hour throwing rocks into the lake!


Look at that splash 🙂
Prince Charming in his Carhartt’s Papa sent him!
Princess swinging at the campsite


Little Caveman sportin’ his Carhartt’s too!


Little Caveman at our campsite!


The boys at the base of the Neuschwanstein Castle


Daddy & his boys at the Neuschwanstein (Disney) Castle!


Neuschwanstein Castle – Bavaria, Germany


Prince Charming sitting in the “outer court” of the castle


More of the castle….


Some info about the castle….


This was our “first” family camping trip, so it was fun, BUT we did cut it a bit short. We only stayed 4 days as the weather was a bit rainy and cold so we decided to pack up camp early and come on home! We will try camping again when Daddy gets home next year – next destination – Europa Park (Europe’s answer to Disneyworld!). 

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