7 Ways Sex Makes You Healthier

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There are many benefits to having sex with your spouse. Come learn 7 ways sex makes you healthier!

When God designed sex for married couples, boy did He do a phenomenal job! God’s design for sex makes you healthier and gives both you and your spouse a deeper connection (both spiritually and mentally). Many believe that sex can be hard on a body especially an aging one. In certain cases, this can be quite true however, for the majority, sex is an extremely healthy activity and has been linked to various health benefits over the years. Here are 7 ways sex makes you healthier.

7 Ways Sex Makes You Healthier

  1. It eases pain. Many of us, if we’re in pain, sick, or just not feeling it, just won’t do it. Try it the next time around because not only does it cause the release of endorphins which improve your mood but it also releases endorphins that ease pain! Just a quickie can literally help us feel better!
  2. It burns calories. Sex has got to be the most enjoyable way to burn calories. Even in the most casual and relaxed sexual encounter between you and your beloved, 30 minutes results in over 200 calories burned. If you climax, your body burns even more calories all on its own and for a while afterwards.
  3. It boosts your immunity. Sex helps boost and release more of that which protects your body against germs, etc. So, the next time you’re sick and tell your spouse no, change your mind, it may help you get over that sickness much quicker!
  4. It helps with blood pressure. Many people believe that it’s not healthy for your blood pressure however, it definitely is! It won’t raise it, it will lower it! If you’re stressed, jump in the sack, it will relax you and lower that spiking blood pressure. This also means that sex helps prevent heart attacks, contrary to popular belief.
  5. It keeps you looking younger. Yep, that’s right, sex keeps you looking young as well as feeling young. All the health benefits connected to sex work together in keeping your body and mind spry and in better shape than the average health of someone your age. (No wonder people are always commenting on how much younger we look….haha).
  6. Eases cramp pain. This one is for all the women out there who feel like death during their period due to cramp pain so bad that no medicine will help. Well, there’s one type of medication that will help ease that pain—sex. It may not be enjoyable at first because who wants to think about being that active while in that much pain but it’s worth it. Not only will it boost your mood as mentioned earlier, but ladies, you’ll get rid of a good chunk of those cramps.
  7. Self-esteem Booster. This is more of a mental health route, but that’s just as important as physical health. Sexual activity has been proven to boost your self-esteem. So, the next time you’re having doubts about yourself, get your spouse to help you fix that.

There are so many other health benefits to sex. You wouldn’t think that something so enjoyable would be so healthy since it usually works the other way around. So, the next time you are thinking of denying your spouse that lovely moment, don’t, you’ll benefit from it too. We are so grateful to God for this blessing in marriage!

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