Episode 005: How to Keep the Romance Alive When You’re Exhausted

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6 Ways to Keep the Romance Alive When You’re Exhausted

6 Ways to Keep the Romance Alive When You’re Exhausted

Do you and your spouse desperately desire to keep the romance alive? Did you picture your life together as ships passing in the night, with work, soccer practice and bedtimes? …or did you picture the romance that you see in the movies, where your biggest priority is rushing to see each other as soon as your work day is done?

Once the reality of life sets in, many couples are faced with the challenge to keep the romance alive. On this episode we are going to talk about 6 ways to keep the romance alive when you’re exhausted.

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1. Put date nights on the calendar.

Between work meetings and kids’ activities, schedules can get so busy that you forget to make time for your marriage. Scheduling date nights as you would other appointments will remind you to make sitter arrangements and have a night out with your spouse.

Date nights give you time to re-connect and to have fun with one another. Whether it’s a fancy restaurant or a quick dinner and movie, having a good time together should be your biggest goal. It’s kind of like hitting the reset button on your marriage.

2. Let him know that he’s on your mind throughout the day.

Whether you work outside of the home or work at home, letting your spouse know that you’re thinking of them will help to keep that spark going. Just a quick “hope you’re having a great day” text or phone call throughout the day will help your spouse know that they are on your mind…regardless of how crazy your days have become.

3. Make your spouse’s lunch (with a surprise)!

Making your spouse’s lunch is a good way to make him/her feel loved. It’s one less thing that they’ll need to fit into a hectic morning and helps them know you care.

If you add a surprise like a sweet note or favorite treat to the lunch, it’s an added bonus in the middle of the day. Those type of things make the heart feel good – just knowing that someone loves you enough to take notice of what you like! These printable LOVE COUPONS are the perfect way to do so!

4. Make your bedroom a place for the two of you.

Many parents struggle with keeping their bedrooms their own. Without boundaries set, kids may feel that their parents’ bedroom is a place for them. Setting those guidelines, not allowing toys or TV watching in your room will help to keep your bedroom a place for just the two of you.

Let’s face it…when you do have time with your spouse, it’s tough to keep the romance alive with dolls or trains all over the floor. And even if you do not have children, don’t let your room become an office or anything else other than your haven.

Even if you live in a small space and need to use your bedroom for multiple things – be sure to tidy it up when you are done so you can have some time well spent without distraction.

5. Keep up with a routine.

Think about routines that you had before life got crazy. Maybe it was pizza together on Sunday nights…or cheering on your favorite team. Keeping up with a routine that you had before kids will help you go back to the foundation that you set before you started your family. While it may mean setting the DVR for that game and taking advantage of the hours after bedtime, going back to some favorite routines will help you to keep the romance alive.

6. Don’t forget to court your spouse.

It’s easy to see your marriage as a done deal. You did promise before God that it was a forever thing, right? Despite the forever part of your connection, it’s still important let your spouse know that they are desired. Giving them “just because” cards or making his/her favorite dinners will let them know that you love them and love the life that you’ve created together. Despite how hectic life may get, courting your spouse through small signs of affection will help keep the romance alive when you’re exhausted.

Do you have other ideas on how to keep the romance alive when you’re exhausted? Please share what has worked for you!

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