6 Ways to Keep Intimacy Fresh in Your Marriage

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Whether or not you have children, or children in the home, intimacy is a huge indicator of the health of your marriage. However, it’s easy to get in a rut, to get caught up in the daily routines, and to forget to make physical intimacy a priority.

As women we can fast on intimacy for weeks at a time if necessary. As long as there are words and an occasional kiss, we’re OK. We’re often content with just a cuddle here and a hug there, but for the man . . . He needs to break his physical intimacy fast daily, or he risks going crazy or going elsewhere. So how can we, as women, keep intimacy fresh for our husbands?

5 things you can do to keep intimacy fresh in your marriage

1. Dress better for bed than for the day.

This was my Grandma’s advice, but now I know the reason behind those soft, silky, sometimes see-through, lacy nightgowns she wore.

2. Shower together.

He’s a guy. He likes to see you naked, and you are his to enjoy and cherish. This is an easy way to please him without being all awkward about it.

3. Surprise him.

Every now and then get a new set of “pajamas,” or show up for bed in none at all! Surprises keep things fresh for sure.

4. Use foreshadowing.

Hint at what’s coming. Send him a “can’t wait to love you later” text, or pack a sexy note with his lunch. He will love knowing that you find him desirable as well.

5. Don’t wait.

The woman is created to respond to the man, but don’t always wait for him to make the first move. Be willing to initiate. He may be surprised, but I think you’ll find that he likes it.

6. And finally, pray.

Pray for your man. Pray over him. Pray about being intimate with him, holding nothing back emotionally or physically from the one God gave you to. Yes, that’s right – pray about your sex life. God designed the two of you to be one, to fit each other perfectly in every area of life, and in every circumstance He would send you through together. He definitely cares and wants to bless your intimacy as well.

There is nothing new under the sun (Ecc. 1:9), but you’d be surprised how prayer and employing a few of these tips can reawaken and refresh the physical intimacy in your marriage. If you feel like sharing how one of these things has helped your marriage, or if you have another tip to add, please comment below. We’d love to rejoice with you.

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