25 Outdoor Activities Every Married Couple Should Experience

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25 Outdoor Activities Every Couple Should Experience

Once the honeymoon is over and day to day life sets in, it’s often difficult to find new ways to enjoy one another’s company. If you’re like us, we seek ways to spend quality time together outdoors, where we feel closer to God and His creation. Over the years, we’ve found some definite favorites. Here are 25 outdoor activities every married couple should experience.

25 Outdoor Activities Every Married Couple Should Experience

1. Hiking a difficult trail
This is a great activity for toning your ability to work together and encouraging one another.

2. Downhill Skiing
Downhill skiing is fast-paced and exciting…something to share with the one you love.

3. Ice skating
Unless you’re experienced in this one, chances are you may fall a time or two. Feeling goofy with your spouse is a good thing!

4. Sledding
Who doesn’t like to sled? It’s so important to hang on to your youthful spirit and to enjoy being a kid with your significant other!

5. Cross-country skiing
Cross-country skiing lets you enjoy a winter’s day and time together without the fast-paced (and sometimes intimidating) hills.

6. Planting a vegetable garden
Planting vegetables helps you to work on a common goal while making healthy choices together.

7. Doing a benefit walk/run
We love to help others together! How better than supporting a cause that we believe in while getting some exercise?

8. Canoeing and/or kayaking
This is another one that allows you to enjoy the serenity of nature with the person that you love.

9. Miniature golfing
…because playing together is so important!

10. Dancing in the rain
Though cliché, dancing in the rain is a fun way to throw out worries of how you look and just have fun!

11. Spending a day at the beach
It’s amazing how relaxing life can be when you’re basking in the sun and enjoying the water!

12. Having a picnic
Whether a fancy meal or a quick sandwich, having a picnic together is a change from the norm and can be so romantic.

13. Playing on a playground
This is another way to play together. Some of our favorites are the swings or a couple of trips down the slide.

14. Sleeping in a tent
There’s something to be said for roughing it…sleeping in a tent in the wilderness together (or even just your back yard).

15. Landscaping together
Landscaping allows you to develop the exterior of your home together while working toward a common vision.

16. Barbecuing together
Who doesn’t love a good barbecue? It’s a fun way to cook on a summer night.

17. Sitting around a campfire
Listening to the night sounds and enjoying each other’s company in the soft glow of a campfire is another romantic way to spend an evening.

18. Walking though a forest
Enjoying God’s creation among the towering trees gives both of us a new found sense of purpose…and we hope it does for you too!

19. Rock climbing
This is another high energy activity that makes you feel alive as you encourage and support one another.

20. Skipping stones on a lake
Finding a calm lake and skipping stones along the surface is a great way to enjoy nature in each other’s company.

21. Going fishing
A day spent on the water while fishing means time together to relax and re-connect. If you’re not into eating fish…then throw them back in!

22. Watching for shooting stars
Wait until you hear of an upcoming meteor shower, or head out to look for shooting stars. Each time you see one, take turns making wishes out loud.

23. Going for a walk to see the sunrise
There’s a special calm in the early morning that is unique to that time of morning. Head out before the sun wakes up to enjoy the moment together.

24. Volunteering for a community cleanup
Work together to improve the environment by helping with a park or river cleanup. You’ll feel good about the work that you did and will have done it together.

25. Feeding ducks
It may have been years since you took stale bread out to feed the ducks…but it’s just as much fun when you’re grown-up!

Spending time enjoying each other’s company is an important part of keeping your romance alive. Choosing activities that are outside will help you connect in a whole new way, whether it is playing together or improving the environment that God gave us. We hope that next time you’re looking for ways to spend quality time together you consider giving some of our favorites a try.

Do you have other ideas of outdoor activities that every married couple should experience? Please share your ideas!

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