Wedded to War {Book Review} & Giveaway

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Think of a book that you may have read that took you into another world that was so detailed in its events, language, and characters that it was a disappointment to even think of putting the book down. Well, this is what this book was for me.  I am not one for books that even remotely deal with history or any time of past history; however, I was drawn to this book.

Wedded to War by Jocelyn Green blended the use of facts and fiction in a way that made the fiction seem factual.  It is placed in the 1800’s and focuses on a strong-minded woman named Charlotte, who seemed to not fit in her time period, for her thoughts were her own and she was not afraid to express them.

This, of course, does not do well in the 1800’s. Nevertheless she found ways to continue in the path her father once walked in, which was helping others through volunteer work.

The opportunity to become a nurse and help the soldiers during war presented itself, and of course, during those times the nurses were male soldiers.  Charlotte was immediately moved to take this path of service.

Although she was discouraged by everyone, including her mother, she pressed forward and volunteered to be a nurse with the Sanitary Commission.  As she continued on as a nurse, she encountered many different events that would have discouraged many other woman from continuing.  However, she leaned on God and was constantly reminded by an old friend that the work they do is not for themselves, but for God. She continued on with her eyes focused on God.

Even though this story may seem like a love story because she is forever being push to marry a man that she did not have true feeling for, or because her friend and first love from the past shows up in the story every now and then, it goes much deeper than this.

The story was inspired from letters that were written over 150 years ago, by a woman who was a nurse for the Sanitary Commission, named Georgeanna Woolsey.

I could go forever with exciting facts about this book, but it would be better if you were to experience this for yourself.


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