Career-Focused High School Electives for Homeschool

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Choosing high school electives for homeschool is such a fun process. As we prepare to graduate our oldest this year, we have had fun allowing her to choose electives that are career-focused without the commitment of a college degree. While we value college (after all, we did meet during our undergrad at Washington State University) we also understand that some careers do not require college degrees. Had we known now that you can become a professional blogger without college, we would have saved ourselves over $60,000 in undergraduate debt. But we digress…

Today we are excited to share some very career-focused high school electives for homeschool that you may have never heard of or considered before. These were all handpicked and worked through by our daughter. These courses allowed her to explore some interests before really figuring out what she wanted to do after high school. We encourage you to really tune in to what your child enjoys and allow them to experience a “career” by delving into hyper-focused electives during their high school years. This will likely help them focus on what it is they really want to do and help them make informed decisions about their future.

Looking for some great electives for your homeschool high school student? Come see these great career-focused high school homeschool electives!

Career-Focused High School Electives for Homeschool

Professional Blogging

Never in a million years did we think that our daughter would want to consider a career like professional blogging. Sure, we have managed to build two successful blogs eventually turned businesses, but our daughter never seemed to show any interest. It wasn’t until early in her junior year that she began to ask questions and really talk to us about the ins and outs of blogging. It was at this time we had her take the most comprehensive blogging course we know of (and have taken ourselves): Elite Blog Academy.

This course is an investment so unless you are really certain that your child will work the course (or unless you want to learn it too) you may want to hold off. Either way, the course is open for enrollment  and enrollment closes 3/9/18. This course is only open for enrollment once a year, so if you are serious about doing this for your child, be sure to sign up here.

Want to learn more? Sign up for the FREE webinar for this Thursday, 3/8/18, here.

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Interior Design

Do you have a budding interior designer in the house? If so, Designer in a Binder is the perfect way to design a self-paced interior design course for your high school homeschool student. Tasha from Designer Trapped in a Lawyers Body teaches students how to plan and execute a design plan from start to finish. From setting a design budget to choosing colors and materials to raising funds for your design, Designer in a Binder has it covered! And let’s be honest, this is something perfect for parents, too!

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Designer in a Binder


Becoming an author is a dream for so many people. Unfortunately most people never realize this dream and just give up. Thankfully, in today’s world, we can start off our journey to be a published author on our own. While traditional publishing is still highly sought after by some, many very successful authors choose to self-publish. One of the main reasons many established authors self publish in addition to their traditional deals is because they realize that they get to keep much more profit on their blood, sweat, and tears.

Book Boss is a comprehensive eCourse that will teach you how to successfully self-publish a book from start to finish. This course covers everything from planning to marketing to execution. We tested out this course back in 2016 before launching my book Matters of the Heart: A 52-Week Scripture Memorization Journey for Women. During our 5-day launch period we net over $10,000+ in sales. It was a total success and we knew that this course was a large part of it. We had previously self-published our first book Learning to Speak Life: Fruit of the Spirit in 2013 and it took us 3 months to earn $10,000. Big difference.

Looking to write your first eBook? Come see how you can write and launch a profitable eBook in 90 days or less!

Financial Planner

Real Life Money Plan™ is a phenomenal course to help your curious financier master the basics of money before attempting to deal with other people’s money. This course is made up of 13 video lessons, a 25-page printable PDF, and bonus videos, training, and worksheets to go even further with your money!

Real Life Money Plan

Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is an excellent choice for a career. Not only will you be able to work where ever there is an Internet connection, but you can set your own hours (similar to professional blogging) and choose your area of expertise. The most comprehensive course about how to build a successful VA business, by far, is 30 Days or Less to Virutal Assistant Success. This course will teach you:

  • Social media management
  • Email management
  • Project management
  • Content production
  • And more!

You can read some of the student success stories here. You can see 150 services that a VA provides, here.

30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success


There are many young women we meet that want to be homemakers. Our daughter is one of them. There are some wonderful courses out that can help your child be better prepared for the art of homemaking while getting some real-world experience at home.

Here are a couple of freebies to try out:

Here are a couple of phenomenal courses to prepare your homemaker:


We hope that this list of career-focused high school homeschool electives helps get you and your high school student excited about exploring potential careers. While this list is by no means comprehensive we believe that it will help show you that it’s okay to look at career-focused high school electives to help allow your child to explore their post high school graduation options. We encourage you to be led by your student and support their career path decisions while helping them test drive through career-focused high school electives!

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