The Importance of Summer Nutrition

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Farmer’s market season is upon us. Don’t you just love reading that first sentence? I love going to our local farmers and finding the best produce. Our market opens on Saturdays from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm. This is the perfect time to snag up the family and let everyone have a pick at their favorites.

Summer Nutrition

Supporting local farmers has always been something I find rewarding. My family gets to enjoy delicious fresh produce while we help a farming family. The farmer’s market is a place you are able to grab some good conversation, too.

We all have heard that it’s cheaper to grow your own food than to buy it. For most cases, this is true. There are the bargain deals that make it difficult to pay a little bit more for the local stuff. I find buying local and watching store sales help my family eat good, healthy foods all year round. I freeze and even preserve many of the local and sale items I get so we can afford to eat healthfully all year long. I never focused so much on the seasonal foods as I now find myself doing. If I wanted an apple in the middle of winter, I’d go buy a bag and not even hesitate about the season. I realize now that it’s best to buy for the season. You get the best produce this way and, most of the time, the best price, too.

The newest vegetable we tried was patty-pan squash. It’s also known as scallop squash. It’s small, round, and saucer-shaped. Summer is the growing season for it. It was so delicate and delicious! It’s one of the few squashes that you can eat the skin of. The nutritional value of this lovely squash is pretty amazing, too! One cup of this squash baked is only 38 calories, 43% of your daily vitamin C, 13% of your daily value of folate, and substantial amounts of B6, magnesium, potassium, & vitamin A. One serving provides 5g of fiber.

I’m going to leave you with a tip I learned along my adventures of healthy living. TIP: You can freeze avocados. Cut in half. Leave the pit in one piece. Wrap individually with saran wrap. Line neatly in ziploc bag. They will freeze up to 6 months. They are great for dips and in dishes. The color isn’t vibrant green, but it’s just as delicious.

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