How Can God Be Enough?

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I am looking forward to this month, as we await the day of celebrating the birth of our Savior.  But really, I’m so excited about digging in deep to Ann Voskamp’s book, The Greatest Gift and spending my waiting time intently and with purpose, waiting intently on God.

At the same time, though, I feel pulled – by culture, circumstance, calendar – to fulfill all my duties as the month gets into full gear.  As moms – even just as women – don’t we wear so many hats?  Most of the gifting of the season often falls to us – the buying, wrapping, and exchanging of gifts;  the preparing, baking, and decorating of Christmas cookies; the planning, purchase and preparing of meals.  For many of us, this is on top of our already-full schedules, whether we are teaching our children, working at our job, volunteering at the church.

December can be so full that we can push God to the backseat.  After all, how can God be enough for each and every one of our needs?

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And as I consider all this, it’s no surprise that God has brought the study of “The Greatest Gift” here to us, right now – right when I’m pondering how God can be enough for all our needs.

I think, at least for myself, when I am going through a struggle, it can be hard to wait for God to work behind the scenes.  We’re often looking for some type of saving from whatever our circumstances are, but our earthly eyes are trained to look for earthly help.  I find myself looking for salvation, but missing the Savior.

How tragic is that?!  I have earthly eyes, looking for earthly salvation, but I should be relying on my heart. Part of maturing in my personal, spiritual walk is learning to trust God in my heart.  I cannot see Him with my eyes, I cannot hear Him with my ears.  Already, looking for Him with my head, in ways that my mind can comprehend, fails me.

But don’t our earthly minds, our earthly questions, really get in the way?

How can God be enough to provide for us when we struggle with physical sickness or bodies that don’t operate the way we want them to?  
How can He be enough when we face financial issues, or are in need of a job?  
How can God be enough when parenting is too overwhelming, or when deadlines loom at our job, or when it seems like no one else ever volunteers for the church ministries?  
How can God be enough when we realize that our days are numbered, that someday the legacy we leave is all that will be remembered? 

When I seek with my heart, though, I find Him.  He may be in the quietness of the late evening, when my little ones are all asleep and the only lights are from the tree.  A verse comes to my heart –

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.  Jeremiah 29:13

Do you see that?  “…when you seek me with all your heart.”  Not – if we seek with our eyes, or with our ears, but rather, if we seek with our hearts!

As I journey through The Greatest Gift I love that it is a book that focuses on the entire Bible, not just the Christmas story that we read in Luke.  The entire Bible points to the coming of Jesus.

How can God be enough for us, for each of us – all of us, for every one of our needs?  Because He created us, and the Creator knows what He has created, inside and out – better than anyone else.  Because He is the God of the entire Bible, not just from the time where his birth is announced in the New Testament.

While reflecting on that, I was reminded of an old song that says all of this – that God is the God of the entire Bible – so much better than I ever could.

How can He be enough?  How?  How can God be enough for all of our needs?

Because, my sweet sisters – because HE IS.

He is the God who made us, created us, breathed life into our lungs, set a purpose in our heart, knew our days and ordained each one of them.  He is the One who knew that we would need salvation, that we would look with our eyes for a savior.

But He is also the One Who knows how to speak so our hearts can hear.  And He uses His Word to reveal the majesty of Who He is, to our hearts.

How can He be enough?  Because He created us.  Because He is the God of the entire Bible – the beginning and the end!

Because – HE IS.

Rebekah @ Journeying Outside My Box 


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